Ahh Florida. Not sure how much you all are familiar with America’s penis but trust me, it holds some of the US’ most interesting personalities.

Take for example “Kraftwerk”. No, not the seminal German electronic outfit, rather a random guy who has officially changed his name to reflect his undying allegiance to the group. Not much else is known about Kraftwerk, except that he is an organ donor, he can ride motorcycles, and was born in 1969. Oh, he also documents his daily activities via a Flickr account where you can watch him do such things as, “[get his] his driver’s license, pump[ed] petrol, [have] lunch, [go] record shopping…”. Clad in red shirt and skinny black tie, Kraftwerk traverses the Sunshine State looking for any copy of “The Man Machine” he can find


Update: Apparently “Kraftwerk” is not a legally changed name. In fact, the man is named David Sanborn who was having a bit of fun with the Department of Motor Vehicles on a particulalry mundane day. Sanborn is just a huge Kraftwerk fan.