Remember the guy who was selling the Berghain drinks menu from a few months back?

Well, he’s back with a new item for sale, this time a rather aggressive letter written by Berlin police on the selling of that drink menu. It turns out that Berlin, that techno mecca of mystery, has about zero chill after going to police threatening to sue.

The seller, in ever casual fashion, simply describes the item like this:

“I (allegedly) stole a drinks menu from Berghain to sell it on eBay and someone went to the police to sue. lol So the cops wrote me a letter. I am now offering you this rare collector’s item in great condition”.

So far the letter has 1 bid to the tune of EUR 1,00, so let’s all band together and get this guy paid. I mean, he may need bail money soon and any good communnity always keeps the jar for bail handy, right?

Find the full listing on eBay HERE