Paris Fashion Week may be a lot of things, but underground electronic music locale is not necessarily one of them.

That said, it came with a certain surprise when it was announced Innervsions‘ main man and RA’s reigning #1 DJ Dixon supplied the soundtrack to the 2016/17 Givenchy fall and winter men’s showcase.

Following Givenchy’s tapping of The Martinez Brothers at their 2014 and 2015 events, the French design house has now been a strong supporter of the connection between electronic music and fashion. With this year’s collection holding dark tones and pops of patterns and color, the well received (we’ll take its word for this) show from designer Riccardo Tisci included tracks by Little Dragon, The Golden Filter, and Ricardo Tobar, so perhaps not the full underground experience Dixon is known for. Either way, with this foray into haute couture, do you think this represents a new plain for the underground to further integrate itself in “high culture”?

Watch the 11 minute show and hear Dixon’s mix below.

Source: DJ Times