2insicht consists of Marc and Bastian, a German duo from Düsseldorf. They met each other while both studying architecture and their love for never ending art transposed into the DJ booth. They boths share a similar passion for deep and untouched house and techno sounds. 2007 sees them joining the Kunstgeschwister crew and eventually founding Hell & Dunkel Festival.

The Hell & Dunkel Festival isn’t a gig like any other, in fact it’s something that 2insicht takes very personal. “We are a part of the Hell & Dunkel Festival since the first hour and we help from the first to the last minute to set the summer project on its feet. Each of us is trying to introduce themself and put so much heart and soul in it. To celebrate and perform under the open sky is for each of us always a very special and emotional moment and is now a inherent part of House & Techno events.“

After dodging a close bullet and the Open Air being almost canceled, the organizers pulled through and overcame the difficulties. The 4th edition of Hell & Dunkel Festival will take place in the charming location of Kiesgrube in Neuss. For the first time during the festival, there will be a second area whereas 2insicht will play together with international artists such as Mano Le Tough, Ten Walls, Mind Against and Konstantin Sibold. The festival will host other special acts from the likes of Thyladomid, dOP, Claptone, Ade Kanon, Jonas Mantey, Andre Hommen or a live act by Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul. During the course of the festival, there will be a number of resident DJ’s that will support the international acts. Among 2insicht, the Kunstgeschwister team will partake in creating the all-around sound of the festival. The organizers will want the festival vibe to continue even after sundown. 102 Club in Neuss will host the Hell & Dunkel Festival afterparty where some surprise guest appearances might season the night.

To give us a taste of the savoir of September 6th, 2insicht have put together a podcast that only stirs our ears towards the upcoming festival. With a wide range of influences, the sound of 2insicht is limited to nothing as they shift through genres but maintain the allure and the personality of their sound.


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