Essentially an audio visual album, Henry Saiz has turned to Kickstarter to help fund the ambitious new project.

The album is meant to be written in various exotic locales across the globe, drawing inspiration while also providing the visual elements of the film component. Some of the locations Saiz looks to travel to are Joshua Tree, Tokyo, and the Canary Islands. As Saiz describes the visual component, “[the film] is not simply a making-of, but a visual journey including music videos that will help listeners delve deeper into the meaning of the album,” and will be a combination of documentary and fiction.

Of the project, the Natura Sonoris boss says,

“Recording synthesizers inside the Great Pyramid in Egypt, traveling to Tokyo to create a track with a virtual singer, composing a theme during a psychotropic trip in the desert of Joshua Tree, playing drums inside the volcanic caves of Lanzarote island or collaborating with a Maasai tribe on a jam techno session – these are just some of the creative challenges I intend to carry out in order to shape an album that promises to be a truly innovative addition to the electronic music scene.”

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