Ok, I’ll admit this story is a but US centric, but who doesn’t enjoy a good bit of police buffoonery.

A 2001 document from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) entitled “The Rave and Club Culture/Designer Drugs,” offers an unprecedented glimpse into the (clueless) nature of authority, highlighting a retired detectives 10 years of “going to raves”. In the document, such hard hitting topics as when do ravers put on their outfits and what sports drinks they prefer, not to mention an interesting introduction to rave culture and definitions of key terms, are looked at.

he real meat of the document, however, comes via a “guide” to identifying ravers and rave culture. Take, for example, this piece of profiling: “Old Ravers in the Bay Area are not looked upon suspiciously, because there are so many old hippies,” or “Raver drink Red Bull…because it has caffeine in it,” or highlighting the ever prevalent threat of Japanese Anime with, “Japanese Animation is becoming part of the rave scene”.

Oh, yeah, ravers also hide their drugs in Pez containers…Check out some of the document below or the read the entire thing at the link above.

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Source: Gawker

Photo Credit: Konstantin Sergeyev