Imagine explaining the techno scene to your mom and dad for the first time and realising they just don’t get it. This is how Hollywood star Claire Danes (the female lead in Homeland, Romeo & Juliet) was commenting on her new hobby in Berlin to talkshow host Ellen DeGeneres. Gladly, while showing what good and bad techno means, she took Berlin’s clubbing haven Berghain as a reference to all that is good about it.

Apparently the star was, who “got in through a guy who knows the owner”, introduces to the way people party in the techno scene. And even despite her clumsy “Girl-Next-Door” dance moves, Claire called it a blast.

Danes said she had “acute anxiety” and didn’t know what to expect, but described Berghain as “the best place on earth”. Later, when Ellen hands her a bag to Claire to carry her son Cyrus, the video becomes basically unwatchable for its awkwardness.