Horizon is returning for its final return at underground location Doka, with the very first Correspondant Label Night in the Netherlands. The Correspondant delegation will bring Ivan Smagghe, Tim Paris (as the ‘It’s A Fine Line’ collabo) label boss Jennifer Cardini and Horizon DJ of choice Massimiliano Pagliara (mix) to the table. Get ready to be swept away in a night full of musical tales from the underground.

Horizon is a Berlin-minded event organization known for its skill to throw parties that are out of the ordinary, treating its crowd to unique sets that tell a tale next to getting feet of the floor. Doka has been the recurring venue of choice for the organization, seen as it is the perfect place to host Horizon’s philosophy. Sadly Doka is closing soon so this will be the final blow-out before the illustrious club on the Wibautstraat (just across from Trouw) will close its doors.tim paris horizon

Highlight of the evening will be the collaboration project of cult hero Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris. Ivan has been the tastemaker within his scene since this year. Together with Chloé he’s been in charge od indie-dance crossover label Kill The DJ. Other than that, Ivan has created a vinyl-only lable under the roof of Le Disques De La Mort, known for its recalcitrant and complex releases, that exist far beyond the ordinary and the cheesy sounds one would hear in the charts. Nonetheless this Parisian-born artist leaves his crowds cheering and begging for more, after charging them with his mixture of krautrock and postpunk-inspired indie electronica. His sound has found its way to remixes and originals for labels like Kompakt, Live At Robert Johnson, I’m A Cliché, Turbo and Young Turks.

ivan smagghe horizon

Next to It’s A Fine Line, Jennifer Cardini is of course the second guest of honour, not just because she’s the label-head, but also of her work behind the decks. Last November Jennifer tore the roof of Doka and has been on the minds of its visitors that night ever since. Just recently she brought out a second Correspondant compilation which was crowned as one of the best albums that month by DJBroadcast. Her retro-futuristic mixture is a match made in heaven for the Horizon crowd.

jennifer caldini

Last but not least is the Italian groovedoctor Massimiliano Pagliara, who has accompanied the Horizon team three times now. Massimiliano sets himself apart by his obstinate flavour in house music, leaning towards Italo disco and Chicago, a blend that has spelled a smile on many of his listeners. As a producer this Italian stalion has been keeping busy as well, with a compilation of his music released on Phonica just recently, together with another compilation on Correspondant. A second album is also in the works, expected soon.

If you’re looking for a proper goodbye to the short-lived but memorable presence of club Doka, then this Saturday will be a pretty good opportunity to do just that.


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