What is your favourite aspect of organising large scale events as Kappa Futur? What do you find to be the most tedious aspect of the process?
The favourite aspect of organising such big events is knowing that I’m leaving some trace of my work, that I’m giving back to the territory where we operate, giving back something culturally and economically positive. The most tedious aspect will be being considered almost a thief as an entrepreneur, because of the narrow minded Italian business scene and the unconventional business sector I chose. On a better note, the City of Turin has always been supportive and cooperative. 

What is a piece or organising or scheduling app you simply cannot live without in the festival organisation process?
My super staff, my white towel and my mobile.

Aside from quality, what goes into the programming of Kappa Futur? How do you approach differentiating yourself from other European festivals?
I’d like to answer this question with 3 words: Italy, Turin and Venue. Let me explain, Italy as in Italian hospitality, famous all over the world, we treat our public well and we assure them only the best local foods and drinks; Turin, because as I said it is an exceptional city, managed by a clever administration and entrepreneurially equipped; last but not least is the venue, our strongest asset, a post industrial park in the center of the city, a real unique location.  

Are there any artists you are particularly keen on catching at the festival?
I’d definitely like to see the Kings of House (Louie Vega, David Morales and Tony Humphries), leading their own stage during Day 1. As for Day 2 I’m really looking forward to seeing Die Antwoord perform live.  

If a young, wide eyed, aspiring festival organiser came to you and asked for a single piece of advice regarding how to organise a proper festival experience, what would you tell them?
Vision and a lot of patience and especially never take anything for granted, that’s very very important.  

Where do you see the future of Kappa Futur?
I see a blooming future for the Festival. I see the brand exported internationally, I see it recognized globally. I see us getting better where we’re still weak and I know we’re going to not only keep up with what will come, but also lead it, ’cause we’re already the Futur.

Day 1
Marcel Dettmann b2b Ben Klock | Solomun | Pan-Pot | Seth Troxler | The Martinez Brothers | David Morales | Louie Vega | Tony Humphries | Tale of Us | Siriusmodeselektor (live) | Eats Everything

Day 2
Sven Väth | Jamie Jones | Kölsch | Joseph Capriati | Ten Walls | Recondite (live) | Pillow Talk (live) | Oscar Mulero | Jonas Kopp (live) | Alex Bau | Discrete Circuit | Ilario Alicante

July 11th – 12th | Kappa FuturFestival | Tickets | Parco Dora, Torino |

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