While fans and participants are thanking for a “magical” festival, Australian media report the seize of what is claimed to be a huge drug haul during Stawberry Fields festival last weekend. Police have expressed concern, as over 64 percent of the cars were transporting drugs to one of the country’s most famous local festivals, headlined by Apparat, Max Cooper, Peter Van Hoesen this year.

Strawberry Fields is known as a festival bridging between a techno/house festival and a hippie rave. As the official page of the event describes, Strawberry Fields is an annual celebration of art, sound and creative expression held for three days each November, a few hours outside of Melbourne, Australia.

This year, over 200 drug users and drug dealers have been caught during the operation carried out at the festival. About 120 people were caught with drugs including LSD, magic mushrooms, cannabis, amphetamine, ketamine, ecstasy and prescription pills. Officers found one man in possession of about 100 ecstasy pills and amphetamine, another man was caught at the festival holding 28 MDMA tablets, MDMA rock and mushrooms. Police also detected 90 drug drivers during the operation, which had included the use of sniffer dogs and roadblocks.

Police claim to be highly alarmed by the results of the weekend which indicate 64 per cent of vehicle en route to the event were conveying prohibited drugs. One local inspector called it a “massive frustration” due to drivers going to and from the venue under the influence by drugs.

Apparently, local officials have been making council submissions against the event each year, according to Deniliquin Inspector Trent Swinton, while the organisers express gratitude to “the police and fire services, the town of Tocumwal” on the official festival page.

This year’s bill enlisted plenty of local and international talent: Apparat, Cobblestone Jazz, Soul Clap, Max Cooper, Mathew Johnson and Glenn Astro among them. About 5000 people attended the festival.

Source: The Border Mail