File this under things that can only happen in the Netherlands. Huishoudbeurs 2015, an exposition mainly attracting housewives and stay-at-home moms seeking for homecare and beauty products, got picked up by pun loving internet people to work their magic on the events FB wall. From sharing their previous festival experiences of chugging energy drinks for a week in a row, to warning fellow festival goers of PMA laced washing tablets and even into speculating on the line up of the expo, this little movement created some true internet gold.

The real fun got started when the creative word twisters got to announcing who they are expecting to appear in the line up. Here are some of our favorites:

Chef Mills
Jullio Washmore
Shave-it August
Loco Dishwasher
Henrik Schwarzkopff
Bleach aka Ben Westbleach
Chasing Dirt
Tiger Swipes
My Favorite Cleaningrobot
Maceo Pledge
Cleans Everything
Clean Walls
Vanish Oxia Action
Dreft Punk
Kitchens of God
Pan and Pot
Detroit Swiffer
Marcel Dreftman

Even big names such as Swedish Household Mafia, Carl Crocs, Martin Cleanex and Stove Aoki have been talked about.

The thing doesn’t stop there though. A pre-party in honour of Huishoudbeurs 2015 is going down on the 20th of February. Held at Maggy Malou, the ex tempore party will feature quite the line up and there are rumours that the venue with about 350 person capacity will even be equipped with Funktion One soundsystems for the evening. Oh yeah, there will be glow-in-the-dark toilet brushes, a live “steaming” online and many other decorations inspired by household products.

And don’t think that Huishoudbeurs wouldn’t be loving the situation. They’ve thanked everyone for their creative efforts and helping them to reach their 70k likes milestone. De Huishoudbeurs is awarding three free makeovers by stylist Mari van de Ven to the hipster who can come up with the best reason for needing one. I think we already found one of the winners (sorry, Dutch only).

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 13.17.03

The story has been going around media for the passed few days and one of the speculated acts, Dreft Punk, even played a set on SlamFM:

Pre-party   Huishoudbeurs 2015