Check out the full premiere of Gui Boratto’s latest treat: his remix to the new HVOB EP, ‘Window’.

The latest EP from Vienna’s electronic outfit HVOB, aims to be more than music. To HVOB, it’s a multimedia art project that combines audio, video, and art installation tactics into one creative gestalt. You can preview the oeuvre here before its release on November 28, as HVOB has sent it to us in lieu of a mix for our EB Radio series. The EP, which includes remixes from Gui Boratto and Acid Pauli, foreshadows a forthcoming album due out next year.

HVOB stands for “Her Voice over Boys”, which perfectly describes the idea behind the project: HVOB is synonymous with intelligent, emotive and melodic, sophisticated electronic music. “An enchanting female voice combined with meditative beats” said the “Berliner Zeitung” on the German debut of HVOB. And they have stuck to this adequate description ever since.

Gui Boratto follows the same idea in his remix, which is an ambient piece, characterized by piano chords, playful guitar plucking and that typical bass sound of his. You won’t be hearing ‘Window’ remix in a club any time soon, its focus lies more on a lazy day at home, where you haven’t got a worry on your mind. Or on moments when you need to forget about those worries for a bit.

Window EP is out now on Stil vor Talent:

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