Born somewhere off the coast of Ireland, Hybrasil is a live act who may be one of the busiest artists in the game right now.

Only a year old, Hybrasil has already had several high profile appearances around the world including on the legendary Space Ibiza Terrace, alongside the world tour of Sven Vath, and playing with Jeff Mills at his sold out Dublin Orchestra show. Over the past few months, his music has found its way onto Loose Records, Bush Records, Break New Soil, Intacto Records, Kraftek and Kenja Records, with his own self titled imprint also launched in May with his second release on the label dropping on 10 July.

Now, on 11 July Hybrasil joins the absolutely massive lineup at Pure Carl Cox at Privilege, Ibiza. Anticipating the massive show, including Joseph Capritati, on the world’s biggest dancefloor, the hottest new name in Techno delivers this 3 hour mix recorded live from District 8 Dublin! Also, check below of a quick chat we had before the show…

“Hybrasil 002” is available 10 July on Hybrasil Records

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How much will you plan your set for Pure Carl Cox? have you been planning it and making playlists in preparation?
I never pre plan a set in advance. I will go through promos, check what my favorite artists are releasing, talk to mates and see if they have any fresh tracks. What comes through the speakers really depends on the party, the vibe of the room and the time I am playing at. A warm up is obviously different to a closer.

With a live set it’s a lot different. You have to go through your tracks, extract stems, parts and loops and think of ways that these elements can be deconstructed and reanimated on stage with some additional machines. The running order of tracks still depends on the room and the vibe of the party. For this show I will be doing an hour DJ set followed by an hour live, so people will get a flavour of both.

When did you first experience Carl Cox and what made you fall in love with the big man?
Like a lot of my mates, I first saw Carl at a club in Dublin called the Redbox. We were all blown away by his DJing, music and all round personality behind turntables. We looked up to Carl, it was always a great party when we went to see him. He was definitely a big driving force behind me buying three turntables and really pushing my skills as a DJ. I’d practice for hours and practice the craft of three deck mixing. When I was in college I would spend all of my money on records before clothes, food or anything else.

What should people expect from the set at Pure Carl Cox? Will you play bigger than usual given the size of Privilege?
I’m gonna rock up with a 909 and smash the place.

Why is Ibiza so special? When did you first go? What does it mean to you?
I first came to the island in 2008 and spent all my time either at Space or at Cocoon. My first night out was We Love, my mate got proper ill from being out the night before so I ended up going on my own and spent the whole night dancing to Paul Woolford.

That whole trip was a real game changer for me. Seeing Sven, Ricardo, Dice, Tobi Neumann on the Amnesia Terrace and Carl Cox in the Discoteca was mind blowing for me as a DJ. Shortly after I returned home I quit my job as a consultant, left my beautiful apartment in the heart of Dublin and began studying music production full time. Fast forward nine years and I now live here. I absolutely love it.


11 July | Pure Carl Cox | Tickets | Privelege, Ibiza