It’s that time of year again, Ibiza season…and with the official kick off going down tomorrow, we thought we’d put together a helpful (and a little cheeky) list of some do’s and dont’s for the island.

Behold, the 10 commandments of Ibiza:

Don’t buy weed from the poolboy

It will be brown dried up garbage. That being said, I’m not sure who you should buy weed from, just not the poolboy

Remember, you’re going to a tropical island so leave the black wardrobe at home

You know who you are (techno heads). Black = hot

Get discounted admission from the promo girls

Trust! Any discount for entry is better than paying 50-60 at the door.

No, those same promo girls aren’t flirting with you

They gotta make money somehow, you know…

Security tends to be tougher than the police

Yeah, we all know what a pain in the ass cops are around the world but at least they won’t beat you up for acting up in the club. Oh, and if you’re a dealer, there is such a thing as “territory”. I’ll just leave it at that.

Don’t forget your drug test kit

My motto is simple: do whatever you want in life just don’t die…so, test your shit before you do it to avoid a bad case of death. Oh, while you’re at it, don’t forget to bring condoms either…It’s for the best.

Take a shot of Hierbas

The aniseed-falvored liquer is the native drink of Ibiza, and a pre gig ritual of Carl Cox.

Take a day (or two) to rest and explore non-club parts of the island

There is lot’s of stuff to do on Ibiza that doesn’t involve clubbing. Enjoy a sunset, find a secluded beach, visit the hippie areas in the north, check out Es Vedra, and so on. Take a few moments to relax and enjoy nature, history, and culture.

Bottle service and VIP do not make you cool, on the contrary…

No explanation needed. It just makes you look desperate for attention. Music does not require “glamour”

Don’t be a dick on the flight there

Firstly, there will be no tolerance for this on board. Secondly, there are non party passengers usually on the flight. Thirdly, no one is entitled to act anyway they want wherever they want, holiday or not.

—and, the unofficial 11th rule of Ibiza: HAVE A GOOD TIME