Author: Milan van Ooijen

is the editor-in-chief for Deep House Amsterdam.

Sankeys To Host Retro Acid Parties ‘Dance 88/89’ In Ibiza & UK

Sankey’s club owner David Vincent has announced that he’s bringing back the acid house & balearic beat era with his new series of acid rave parties in both the UK and Ibiza, featuring performances from most of the biggest original pioneers of the time. ‘Dance 88/89’ will take place every Wednesday at Sankey’s Ibiza starting on the IMS Launch Date of May 25th and will run across the summer with 19 parties until September 28th. Vincent is also to host a special ‘Dance 88/89’ event in the UK, to be held at a secret location near Manchester on Easter Sunday, March ... Read more

New Bill Forces All Ibiza Clubs To Close Earlier As Of Summer 2016

Ibiza’s local government has just passed legislation that demands every club on the island to close at 6:30 AM from the start of the new season in 2016. El Diario De Ibiza, a local newspaper, has reported that the island’s president and Ibiza’s five mayors met on the morning of Octboer 21st to discuss new closing hours. Their agreed closing time for the entire island has been set on 6:30 AM, which will be a huge blow for clubs that thrive parties that last until the early morning like DC-10, Amnesia, Pacha, Space and Sankeys. The new legislation doesn’t come ... Read more

Top 10 Shazamed Tracks In Ibiza This September

While there’s another month of parties and debauchery to be ticked off on the White Isle’s agenda, it seems the jury is out on what the 10 most popular tracks were this season. We already published a top 10 list mid-season featuring KiNK’s Cloud Generator, the Ame remix of Howling’s Stole The Night and Gorgon City’s Unmissable. The new definitive list just released by Shazam has a significantly different set of tracks however, with additions by the likes of Claptone, Andhim and Ninetoes. Even though the top 10 bears few surprises, the list does paint a mixed picture ranging from all-out bangers, ... Read more

Tribal Sessions Podcast #001 By Secondcity

Over the past years, SecondCity has shown everyone that his finger is firmly on the musical pulse, as demonstrated by his and Route 94’s edit of ‘Freak Like Me’. With his releases on Defected, Saints & Sonnets and Ministry of Sound firmly in the record bags of many of the scenes major players, SecondCity soon found Huxley, Skream, Disclosure and MK all championing his 90s house sound. See also: Interview: Jozef K | Sankeys Gorgon City Podcast It’s not every day that in your first year of music production you release on labels as revered as Strictly Rhythm and Saints And Sonnets. ... Read more

Video Shows Young David Guetta DJing With Vinyl

After last week’s fanatical coverage of David Guetta playing a children’s song at Tomorrowland, the 47-year-old DJ was, again, at the centre of another online criticism storm, with some even calling the occasion a new low for Guetta as well as EDM. Whatever you may think of David Guetta, however, there was a time when the multi-million dollar pop icon was still a young blood to whom you could probably relate a lot easier to. It was the period where he released music that was miles apart from what he is known for today. Music like this track he made ... Read more

Ibiza President Wants To Stop MTV’s ‘Ibiza Shore’ From Happening

We did not want to partake in the news that MTV plans to air a spin-off of the unbelievably successful Jersey – and Geordie Shore programs set on the white isle, Ibiza Shore. Aside from the fact that it’s set in a different location, there’s no real difference in content between the different shows, and so an Ibiza version did not come as a real surprise – even though many people, including yours truly, expressed their sadness at hearing the news of the formula hitting Ibiza’s shore. It was all the more pleasing to hear that the president of Ibiza’s ... Read more

Rowdy Brits Ordered To Stop Raving On Ibiza-Bound Plane

‘Ladies and gentlemen, please remain quiet. There are travellers on board with young children. Please do not swear. Thank you.’ That’s what passengers on a Glasgow plane destined for Ibiza were told by a distressed cabin crew after one passenger started playing MK’s classic remix to “Look Right Through” by Storm Queen through his mobile speaker set, causing nearly all other partyseekers to cheer along to the well-known lyrics. One video released of the in-flight happening is starting to spread through the internet like wildfire, and causing a divide in the comments sections. One side says believes the cabin crew ... Read more