Author: Peter Dingemanse

was already interested in music at a very young age, endlessly listening to radio programmes and DJ mixes. But it was not until the age of 19 that he started playing himself, mostly at local events and clubs. He then decided to move to Amsterdam and discovered the world of dance parties and festivals. After being off the DJ-map for a couple of years, he returned to the scene in 2012 under his current pseudonym DiSign.

Party Report: IR BCN

Every year in June, the beautiful city of Barcelona hosts the Sónar music festival. Founded in 1994 and divided into Sónar by Day and Sónar by night, it features a wide variety of electronic music artists. Surrounding the main event, a collection of after and pre parties called Off Sónar is organised, making it the busiest festival week in the Catalan capital. With events in almost any sub-genre of dance music, ranging across rooftops, beach clubs, abandoned monasteries and ancient town squares, there is something to choose from for all of the thousands of international party-goers. Not less than seven ... Read more

Ibiza Report: Solomun +1 @ Pacha

Ibiza has a tradition of being a party island that goes back more than 50 years. It was discovered by the hippie community in the 1960’s, but it was the arrival of clubs on the scene that made the island what it is today. In 1973 Ricardo Urgell started a club in a former dance hall that would become a global brand and a blueprint for venues all over the world: Pacha. From New York to Moscow and from London to Buenos Aires, the place with the iconic cherry logo can be found in over twenty cities. Sunday night we ... Read more

Ibiza Report: Cocoon

Although Ibiza is without a doubt one of the most relaxed places in Europe, time still flies over there. Probably because everybody’s having fun. After four days of partying, chilling, more partying and, well, more chilling, Mondaynight was our final chance to soak up some more Ibiza vibes. Before heading back to Amsterdam we would return to where we started the weekend, Amnesia. This time Cocoon had taken over the club and when you say Cocoon, you say Sven Väth. The German heavy weight (in terms of musical achievements) would share responsibility over the Main Room together with Âme. Ida ... Read more

Ibiza Report: The Zoo Project

Partying is about forgetting normal life. About leaving all your worries behind and just enjoying a day or night out. We all need this from time to time, escaping the ordinary. Ibiza has all the ingredients to do so. Everybody is a long way from home and automatically feels free and opens up. The sun definitely helps and then there’s of course the countless parties that never seem to end. And at this already magical island there’s an even more special place. A place where you can let your inner animal come out and be whoever or whatever you’d like ... Read more

Ibiza Report: Music On @ Amnesia

Two years ago I went to Ibiza for the first time in my life. It was love at first sight and I vowed to go back every year. As the legend goes, the mystical rock Es Vedra, just off the coast, gives the island its force of attraction. More down to earth people like myself however, attribute this to the beautiful weather, numerous beaches, delicious food, laid back beach clubs and above all this, the amazing night life. Nowhere in the world are this many electronic music fans and artists gathering every year for a summer of partying frenzy. The ... Read more