The annual series that seeks to express the spirit of chilled Ibiza, BALEARIC, returns with its fourth edition as a pure quality beach-ready compilation compiled by longtime Cafe Mambo resident, Breese.

The project is about timeless quality, collections devoid of favour, rather, diverse sounds from true artists who each personify that enduring Balearic spirit. Here, Breese provides 10 tracks that define the Balearic lifestyle. In his own words:

This selection is about exploring the mystical White Island’s more intimate gatherings. Hedonistic days and wild nights, the thirst for wanderlust, the growing buzz that says there’s good times in store. Sunshine sounds, merging genres; these are the happy vibes that unite the Balearic dance floor. Selected by Breese.

1 Balearic – Balearic 4

2 Field Of Dreams – Nothing Is Perfect (Mind Fair Remix)

3 Joutro Mundo – Melo Do Amor

4 Talking Drums – Get Serious

5 Ferias ’77 – Não Escuta (JKriv Rework)

6 Klein & MBO – The MBO Theme

7 Aimes – Bombo Espacio

8 Joutro Mundo – Flechas No Ar

9 Ferias’77 – Rainha Do Mar (JKriv Rework)

10 Azura – Paraíso ’89

“BALEARIC 4 complied by BREESE” is released 10th August on Balearic PRE ORDER

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