With 4 dates across September, Cosmic Pineapple brings will hose a special 4-date residency at Pikes Ibiza.

With top DJs providing specifically crafted sets within intimate settings and intricately planned activities, Cosmic Pineapple will be a fully immersive experience. The ethos of the event revolves around the ideas of celebration, inspiration and cosmic information. By fusing the debauched magic of Pikes with creative, higher mind thinking and the energy of dance music.

The unique initiatives behind the event looks to inspire and lift energy into the new era of dance music. The parties are free with charity donation boxes each week (first being lovespecs.org). The event goes from 4pm – 4am, on Thursdays in September, with children allowed until 10pm, making Cosmic Pineapple a true family affair. Oh, and NO big name DJs will be announced until the day of, taking focus off the ego and back to creativity, consciousness, and charity.

Find more information on Cosmic Pineapple below, and support the artistic initiative HERE

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Cosmic Pineapple