No stranger to the international club circuit, festival scene and record crates of his peers, Cristoph has carved out a sound that is increasingly identifiable.

Avoiding dance music’s relentless march toward the new next thing, Cristoph has made his strides through labels such as Noir, Suara and Knee Deep In Sound. Now, it is Eric Prydz and Pryda that has captured the talented Producer from Newcastle having opened up for Eric at EPIC 5.0 and on hand throughout 2017 summer season for his Hï Ibiza residency.

Here, Cristoph debuts (and kicks off) on Pryda Presents with ‘Feel (Feat. Jem Cooke)’ and will be at Hï Ibiza on 1 August and 22 August. Check out the stream of ‘Feel’ below, and read our interview with Cristoph where he dishes all the Pryda and Hï Ibiza 2017 info.

Cristoph – Feel (Feat Jem Cooke) is NOW AVAILABLE on Pryda Presents. BUY

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We’re talking here on a few things around your relationship with PRYDA. First off, your new track ‘Feel,’ off Pryda Presents. Interestingly, this was the imprints first release. How did this collaboration come about? What is the ethos behind Pryda Presents?
I’ve actually been sitting on the record quite a while and have been quite protective over it as I wanted it to be signed to the right label, Someone who believed in it as much as Jem and I did and a label who would get the right promo to it and put it in the right channels for me as an artist. I’m a huge fan of Jem, I think her voice is incredible and really fits with some of the music I write so I knew straight away she was the vocalist I needed.

Regarding the track, what was the first aspect of ‘Feel’ that occurred to you to build the rest around?
It was originally an instrumental – something I wrote just to sit things down if I was playing extended sets. After going back over it and listening to it time and time again I felt it was missing something and that was a vocal. I knew Jem would be perfect for it after working with her on my track ‘Slowly Burning’ so I dropped her a message and she was up for it. I sent her the track, she put something down and sent it back and after a few adjustments that was that.

In general, how do you find the creative atmosphere at Pryda. How does it fit with your own approach to creativity?
Working alongside Eric and his team is a dream come true as I am a huge fan of his. They are all on the same wavelength and constantly bounce ideas around regarding the music, future plans, visuals etc. It’s great to work alongside such a creative team, people who see my vision and are on the same page. I’m really excited about what the future holds. They are so open to my ideas and allow me to work whenever I feel creative and are all completely honest on whether they think a record is good or not – something I find imperative in order for me to release the right music at the right time.

You will also be joining Eric on a handful of his Hi Ibiza residency dates, what have your impressions on that night been so far this summer?
After playing Space closing last year I was thrilled when Eric’s team asked me to be a major part of his residency at Hi this summer. I refused to go until I played Eric’s opening and was literally blown away by the production in there. It’s as if the club has been designed for his night. I really do love the place. Every week I’m booked to play I’m literally so excited to get across and experience it again. For anyone who hasn’t been I really encourage them to go.

Actually, I’m curious how you first met Eric also?
We first met at the second charity show which Eric had put on for James Lillo at Sound Nightclub in LA. I was originally meant to have been playing on the Monday at the same club a week before those two shows, but sadly the gig was cancelled whilst I was flying across due to reasons out of my control. With it being my first time ever touring the U.S, I was keen to play as many shows as I could to try and get my name out there to as many people as possible. So when the opportunity arose to support Eric I jumped at the chance. I had to cancel flights, pay for new ones, pay for accommodation etc, but I looked at it as a great chance to strike up some sort of relationship. A week or so prior to that gig he had played my track ‘Catsy’ on his EPIC Radio show so I decided to play the track and try encourage some sort of conversation between the two of us. Luckily enough, it did. He told me how much he loved the track and after that I spoke to his team about attending EPIC 5.0 with them and maybe even playing it. Things just went from there really, word got back to me that he enjoyed my set and was a fan of my music and it all started to progress onwards.

Speaking of Hi Ibiza, what are your impressions of that space as Ibiza’s newest super club?
I love it. I have the fondest memories of Space especially after playing both the birthday and the actual closing last year. I’m happy they have put their personal touch on the club as well. Changing the structure, putting booths in, changing the lighting/production etc. If it was just given a lick of paint then I would be a bit disappointed as I would feel like they have tried to hold on to Space’s legacy. But they haven’t. They have had respect for the club and what it achieved then done their own thing. I really am a massive fan and honoured to be able to play there in its first season.

Finally, how do you manage to maintain your mental health and mindfulness through the rigors of the summer? Do you have any specific routines you practice?
To be honest I seem to be very strong mentally as a person. I don’t let anyone or anything affect my vision or thoughts of my goals, my dreams, where I want to be as an artist and what I want to achieve in my career. I admit, it can be tough travelling on your own, but nothing in life worth having comes easy. This is all I’ve ever wanted and nothing will push me off course. My parents always said to me growing up that nobody is better than anyone else in this world and if you want something go out and get it, no matter what. Having this in my head keeps me focussed on what I have promised all my friends and family that I will achieve. There’s a lot of other people in this world who would jump at the opportunity I have been given, so for me there’s no place for complacency or complaints. I’m a very very lucky lad.