Each and every Thursday night at Ibiza’s newest superclub Hï Ibiza, a quintet of the world’s best DJs handles In The Dark residency duties.

Amongst this crew, which also includes Joris Voorn, Luciano, Kolsch, and Nic Fanciulli, is the one and only Steve Lawler. For those who don’t know (!), Lawler is the head honcho of ViVA Music and it’s corresponding globe trotting brand. A staple figure of Hï Ibiza’s previous incarnation – Space Ibiza, Lawler is a bonafide Ibiza veteran with decades worth of insight and authority.

Here, before the 2017 season winds down, we caught up with Steve Lawler ahead of this Thursday’s In The Dark for a chat about all things Ibiza 2017!

“…when It gets hard sometimes I just have to think about the big picture and how fortunate I am to be doing something I love and still be at the top of the game”

We’re speaking here regarding your residency at Hï Ibiza’s In The Dark. So far, in your own words, how have you found it?
Its been incredible, its a brand new venue so we need to work hard to get the sweat on the walls, and I thought it would have taken at least the first year, but already the night has massively come into its own and I am having some amazing shows there.

Have there been any particular dates that have stood out for you so far?
The last two weeks, 10th & 17th August were both next level. The main room is my room where I play each and every week on the 10th I closed the room at 7.15am which is the latest the club has ever been and with a massive 4000 people sit down at 7am. Just incredible. The vibe is better than I ever could have imagined in just 10 weeks of being open.

Describe a bit about the ethos of In The Dark? Why did you feel it was the right concept to join?
I haven’t joined the concept, I’m apart of it from its very birth. I have wanted to be involved with the night from day one on many levels. Its important to me to give my all and give my best. This is Yann’s night make no mistake in that, but I have been involved and helped out on many levels including curating the line ups, the sound, the lights etc

Additionally, why did you not bring a VIVa Warriors event to Ibiza this year?
I did but only with 2 special parties. I felt like it was time for a change for ibiza for me, I delivered one of the best nights Ibiza has seen over the last 5 years and I intend to do the same with In the Dark. Warriors is still very much alive but moving into a different concept of pop up parties in warehouse and event spaces

Hï Ibiza is the latest Ibiza superclub, taking over from Space’ old building. You had quite the relationship with Space Ibiza, so how do the two clubs compare? What’s similar? What’s different?
Hi is a completely different club, and I’m sure it was intended that way. What Yann has built is a state of the art purpose built venue for clobbers of all races of all classes.. its actually if I’m completely honest very cleverly thought out as to make sure people don’t see this club as a table club or just a warehouse club. Its for everyone.

How have you been finding the island in 2017? How does it compare to last year’s dynamics? How does it compare to the first years you had been going?
I think the island is busier than ever, just un-believable when you think about it. It just keeps on growing. amazing.

What are some places on Ibiza (non nightlife) that you tend to visit? Any particular shops, restaurants, hidden areas…?
Yes there are many but honesty I don’t want to reveal all, and spoil the very thing that makes them so special which is there not rammed packed and left alone

Finally, with the rigors of the summer schedule in full effect, how do you manage to maintain health and mindfulness during it all? Do you have a certain routine you follow?
Yeah this is a tough one, but ultimately I’m very happy with my life and what I do, so even when It gets hard sometimes I just have to think about the big picture and how fortunate I am to be doing something I love and still be at the top of the game at this point in my life. Happy thoughts being good health.

Steve Lawler is a resident at In the Dark which takes over Hï Ibiza every Thursday night. TICKETS


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