With their patented “Super House” sound, Germany’s Andhim have built their own genre from soul and passion. Party proven and organic with emphasis in the finer details, it is a style that has found a home with labels like Monaberry, Terminal M, and Sunset Handjob.

When performing live, their full commitment to DJing is palpable – energetic, creative and always entertaining. This approach will be on full display as Andhim joins Black Coffee at his Hï Ibiza residency 8 September, where the guys take to the stage alongside HOUSEKEEEPING and Da Capo in the Club, while Nastia and Mandar join Black Coffee in the Theater. Ahead of the evening, Andhim have put together this exclusive mix and also sat down to chat with us about all things (Hï) Ibiza.

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How has your summer been going so far? What have been some highlights?
It has been crazier than ever. We are touring the world non-stop at the moment. We’re so lucky to play some of the best festivals alongside the best artists. And it’s a lot of fun. Besides of all the big key festivals we also play some very special ones like Africa Burn, Fusion, Garbicz or Burning Man. These shows and experiences are full of highlights but for us the best thing is to get in touch with all the different people. It’s amazing to present them our definition of House music. Also partying with all our DJ colleagues during the summer is amazing and wild. But very bad for our health.

On the summer you have, and will play dates at Black Coffee’s Hi Ibiza residency. How has the experience been so far? What is the atmosphere like at the event?
We are very happy Black Coffee invited us two times for his Ibiza residency this year. It’s a great pleasure to be a part of his movement. The first show in June was a lot of fun. We were the last ones leaving the party that night. The event is very different to others on the island. It’s a cool new vibe and not that much about VIPs and bottles of Champagne.

What is your relationship like with Black Coffee? How did you first get introduced? What were the conversations like deciding that you will play the summer residency dates?
We played two shows with him before and we knew that he has always been a big supporter of our music. When he asked us to play for him we immediately said yes.

…and what about your impression of Hï Ibiza as a space? What does it bring to the landscape of Ibiza nightlife in your opinion?
It’s great. Like a lot of other people we were sceptic about it before but it turned out as a fresh and cool enrichment for the island.

Speaking of Ibiza, can you walk us through your relationship with the island, briefly? What were your first gigs there like? When did you feel you had really made an impact on the island?
My (Simon) first time was in 2009. I’ve came as a tourist and was blown away by the amount of parties and the beauty of the island. I remember seeing all these stencils of Sven Väth on the walls and was deeply impressed by his presence on the island in general. Our first andhim show was in 2014 and we were so proud. Even though we don’t play that much in Ibiza we have a great relationship with the island and are happy to play some of the best shows. It’s also the second time we were nominated for the Ibiza DJ Awards.

Through the intense summer months, how do you maintain a sense of mindfulness while traveling around the world? How much time do you allow yourselves off during this period?
Our schedule during the summer is hardcore. We sometimes play 6 shows in a week. It’s actually too much to be honest. Not that we don’t love to play but we barely have time to go in the studio and work on new music nor having the time to do anything else. But we are thankful and after September we will have more time for our social life and studio work.

Looking through the rest of 2018, what are some things you are particularly excited for? Gigs, personal time, travels, etc…?
We can’t wait to have some more time for producing new songs. It’s impossible for us to work on music during the summer as we only have one or two days at home in between the shows where we rather wash our dirty underwear than being creative in the studio. So having a clear mind to work on new things is something we are looking for. But of course also having more time for our friends and families is something we can’t wait for.


01. Pional – XME
02. Massimo Lippoli – Dougne Te Soye (Original Mix)
03. Armonica feat. Toshi – Ngeke (andhim rmx)
04. David Mayer – The Call
05. Oscar P – La Casa De Oya (Norty Cotto Album Remix)
06. Oliver Koletzki & Niko Schwind – Subati (Andhim’s Electrica Cucar Remix)
07. Benjamin Fröhlich – Dream City (Zombies In Miami Remix)
08. Pitto – Feelin’
09. Re.You & Soheil – Mapawani (Alternative Version)
10. Dino Lenny –  I Feel Stereo (Red Axes Rmx)
11. Matthew Styles – Codex
12. Petar Dundov – Dalmatina