Privilege, formerly known as the legendary club Ku, is one of Ibiza’s larges clubs and it hosts a lot of different parties. Even though last year there were names such as Afrojack on the billboards, it seems as if changes were made to keep the club relevant. Including the transfer of Afterlife, a concept that had to find a different residency after Space closed their doors late last year. The hosting of this party is done by two of techno’s finest producers, namely Tale Of Us. Tonight they’ve managed to bring out an amazing set of artists, which ranges from Ame to Adriatique in the main room and from Tin Man to Cassegrain in the small room (b2b!).

There is one thing that is extremely apparent when entering the Privilege: it’s really hot! Unsure whether this is due to the large amount of people inside the club or the fact that there is almost no air conditioning (or so it seems). Their drinks are fairly priced (fourteen euros for a Red Bull with a good amount of vodka), their staff is friendly and helpful, the sound system is good and the building has so many floors that you can easily wander around for a bit if you don’t feel like dancing.

Because of the heat, the b2b set of Cassegrain and Tin Man in the small room is on FIRE. The room is packed from the booth to the door and the acid sounds are coming in left and right. The sound system is turned up so loud that it is impossible to even hear your own thoughts and the DJs are surely not making any concessions with their tunes, that are really bringing out that Berlin underground vibe. It is nice to note that their is a certain cohesiveness between the atmosphere of the small room and the gloomy sounds of Cassegrain and Tin Man. It’s a special vibe one does not always encounter when going to a club night, so when at 4AM their set finally ends the crowd is still on the dance floor begging them to play one more track.

When switching back to the main room, the enthusiasm of the crowd does not seem to be any different. Frank Wiedemann of Amê is in the middle of his live set and he is killing it. Creating just the perfect vibe, although as a result the club is getting sweatier by the minute. After having been to four different nights in a row, we can safely say that tonight at Afterlife is the best example of how musical programming in Ibiza should be like. Amê’s live set is gradually building up towards the first sounds of Tale of Us. Who – after a good two hours of intense techno music (!) – ultimately end with the hypnotizing Billka edit of Pink Floyd’s ‘Shine on You Crazy Diamond’.

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– Nina de Koning