Although Ibiza is without a doubt one of the most relaxed places in Europe, time still flies over there. Probably because everybody’s having fun. After four days of partying, chilling, more partying and, well, more chilling, Mondaynight was our final chance to soak up some more Ibiza vibes. Before heading back to Amsterdam we would return to where we started the weekend, Amnesia. This time Cocoon had taken over the club and when you say Cocoon, you say Sven Väth. The German heavy weight (in terms of musical achievements) would share responsibility over the Main Room together with Âme. Ida Engberg and Adam Beyer back to back plus an opening set of Scuba at the Terrace completed the finger-licking line up.

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The Cocoon parties at Amnesia started in 2000, but although that’s a long time ago, it’s still almost twenty years after Sven Väth launched his DJ career. Playing in Frankfurt at Dorian Gray and later in his own club Omen, he became one of Europe’s techno pioneers.

On a personal note, his style grew on me over the years. In the nineties and early norties I was more into house, listening to guys like Roger Sanchez and Erick Morillo, labelling Sven Väth as too ‘hard’. My musical taste changed and along with the DJ’s I followed, with Väth drawing my attention more and more. Nowadays I consider him one of my favourites and the funny thing is that I wouldn’t call his record choice ‘hard’ anymore.

For example, compared to Marco Carola, whom we saw playing last Friday, his style is very melodic and less driven on heavy bass lines. In fact, the first three hours of his set at this particular night could even be categorised as deep. Âme even played at a higher tempo than Väth did. Here you see the difficulty in labelling styles and genres.

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