When you think of nightlife in Ibiza, then there’s a big chance Pacha is one of the first clubs on your mind. Even though it mostly hosts commercially influenced house and EDM parties with residents such as David Guetta and Martin Solveig, there are still a few nights to go to if you are into techno. One of them is Mosaic. Father of the party on Tuesday is techno legend Maceo Plex, who never fails to bring out a line-up so strong that it makes you lose your mind. This night is nothing different with legendary Berlin duo Steffi & Virginia playing in the small room and Paranoid London, Mano Le Tough and the master himself getting the people all sweaty in the main room.

As an opening DJ there is one golden rule: you do not play louder than the person you are opening for. When entering the club it’s apparent that Paranoid London have never heard of that rule. Acid techno is banging all over the dance floor at 130 BPM and though the music is incredible and every tune is right, it is somewhat of a weird transition when Mano Le Tough takes over. Nevertheless Paranoid London’s set can be counted as one of the best of tonight; it just would have flowed better if they came in last on the timetable after Maceo Plex.

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In the small room Steffi has started. Although the Berlin-based DJ can be counted as one of the best DJs out there, it does feel as if she’s somewhat out of place. After experiencing a few technical difficulties it is hard for her to get into her groove and smash it like she normally does. The crowd seems to feel that way too; most of them just quickly go in and out to experience the vibe, but the majority never actually stay in.

Which isn’t weird, because Mano Le Tough is truly giving his a-game and the crowd is feeling it. His atmospheric deep techno sound together with Pacha’s light show as a whole just make for an amazing experience. The authenticity of his set truly comes to live when, at the end, he dares to play some amazing old trance classics.

As said before, the last one to play tonight is resident Maceo Plex. What can we say that hasn’t been said about this legend? Looking at the way he DJ’s one can easily declare that this man is a true music machine. While playing tracks such as his own ‘Deez Nuts’ and Hans Zimmer’s ‘Time’ remix by Tale of Us he constantly keeps the crowd in the palm of his hand. Which remains that way even after Mano Le Tough joins in to play a surprise B2B set, which finally ends at 7AM. By that time Maceo has already invited everyone in the crowd to come join his afterparty, which starts only a few hours later. And we can safely assure you that – just as the original party – it was also off the hook 😉

– By Nina de Koning