As you walk into Privilege you’re immediately taken back. Hanging from the ceiling is a vast metallic structure that moves about and animates the massive hangar in which you stand. Sheets of blue and red laser pan about and add drama. It’s like being in a scene from Tron, and the rumbling techno beats rattle your ribs to make for a truly immersive experience. Add to that the colourful dancers who hang down on ropes and spin around, pirouetting and adding craziness to proceedings and you have something genuinely fresh and special.

The club is back with a vengeance this year and has pulled out all the stops to line-up some killer parties. Resistance is chief amongst them and the fact the night has managed to pull together one of the most famous DJ duos in the world is no mean feat. That duo is Sasha & Digweed, the legendary selectors who first played together in the 90s, and last did so in New York city more than a decade ago.

Following on from that, the theme for Resistance is back to back sets, and tonight Nicole Moudaber and Victor Calderone, Anja Schneider and Francesca Lombardo, Nick Curly and Technasia and more all play across the main room, Vista and Terrace. Everywhere, the production is truly mesmeric and really raises the bar for Ibiza. It is surely no expenses spared stuff that adds another layer of magic to the party from start to finish.

Matador is on when we arrive and is warming up the huge club with some rolling techno and whooshing synths that sweep us up off our feet. The thundering lights and lasers explode every so often to keep you on edge and when Cassy and Eats Everything play, the serve up a more warm selection that mixes old and new house and techno styles.

Thousands of people are packed into the club, and though they all get involved during the various back to back sets, it is Sasha & Digweed who they are here for. They might be older and fuller in the face, but they show they still have plenty of technical skills and manage to wave together a seamless set that takes the best of both artists sounds and adds up to one new and exciting sound.

Reaching for cuts by Uber, Anja Schneider, Acumen, Marc Depulse & Several Definitions, they keep us on our toes, bobbing and weaving through big room bangers and more draw out and tense tech rollers. The beams of light go into overdrive, flashing around the club and making it an enthralling experience that unites all the dancers in one excited mass. It is a great way to have kicked off the season and between now and September the likes of DJ Tennis, Paco Osuna, Dosem, Guy Gerber, Umek, Paco Osuna, Technasia and more will all play. As such, there is no excuse not to head to the island and check out one of the biggest and best parties Ibiza has seen in years.