Ibiza has a tradition of being a party island that goes back more than 50 years. It was discovered by the hippie community in the 1960’s, but it was the arrival of clubs on the scene that made the island what it is today.

In 1973 Ricardo Urgell started a club in a former dance hall that would become a global brand and a blueprint for venues all over the world: Pacha. From New York to Moscow and from London to Buenos Aires, the place with the iconic cherry logo can be found in over twenty cities. Sunday night we would go back to where it all began, both for Pacha and for Ibiza as a legendary party destination. Solomun had invited Dubfire for his +1 series and no way we were going to miss two of our favourites playing the same event.

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“It’s not easy to walk the line between pleasing big crowds and keeping it credible. Diynamic chief Solomun is one of the few top-tier DJs who pulls it off.” This is the exact comment from Resident Advisor to go with his 26th place on their 2014 DJ Top 100. You’ll understand this quote when you listen to his sets and the music he releases on his labels, but you’ll even understand it more when you go to one of his parties at Pacha. This place is all but underground and for most of the nights EDM DJ’s like David Guetta and Steve Aoki are programmed here. Yet a deep house DJ from Hamburg managed to host his own event for the second season at this very same club.

The first attraction is the huge Solomun billboard at the entrance, a perfect photo moment for all visitors. Good fun, but clever marketing too, as probably lots of profile pictures on social media now contain the Solomun +1 logo. Then off to the dance floor, where Dubfire was about to take over from the Pacha residents. The +1 nights follow a standard procedure. First Solomun’s guest plays two hours solo, then the host does so and after that they play back to back until closing. The first hour Ali ‘Dubfire’ Shirazinia was holding back a bit, carefully building up his set with hypnotising tracks until in the second hour he threw in some bangers to really open the party and turn the club, including the VIP area, into a big dance floor. Going through the crowd it became eminent that Pacha attracts a very international audience. Dutch, German, British, Russian, American, Spanish, Italian, it was all there and everyone was united through music, just as it should be.

After the banging second hour of Dubfire, Solomun of course couldn’t stay behind. In his characteristic style behind the decks, he served bomb after bomb and hardly gave the crowd any time for a pause. That wasn’t necessary by the way, as no one looked like as if they needed a breather. Two hours and many confetti and hands in the air moments later, Dubfire joined Solomun again in the booth for the back to back session. When we attended this party last year, it was Solomun who had to lead Heidi during this DJ-duet, but now the host needed all his skills and best records to keep up with his guest. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, since Dubfire was already a big name as one half of the duo Deep Dish, when Solomun hadn’t entered the scene. After all he coped with this situation very well, which resulted in an amazing final part of the night as icing on the cake for another great edition of Solomun +1. So if you like the glitter and glamour of a classic Ibiza night out, combined with quality underground deep house music, this event is not to be missed.

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