Partying is about forgetting normal life. About leaving all your worries behind and just enjoying a day or night out. We all need this from time to time, escaping the ordinary. Ibiza has all the ingredients to do so. Everybody is a long way from home and automatically feels free and opens up. The sun definitely helps and then there’s of course the countless parties that never seem to end. And at this already magical island there’s an even more special place. A place where you can let your inner animal come out and be whoever or whatever you’d like to be.

In the hills just outside San Antonio you’ll find the remnants of what once was the Ibiza zoo. Every Saturday during summer, an event called Zoo Project takes place here. I deliberately say event, as this is far more than just another electronic music dance party. Immediately when you go through the gates, you enter a different world. A world where beautifully dressed up people and artists of all different kinds are the protagonists of a unique gathering. They’ll meet each other at the hippie market, the swimming pool, the chill out area or one of three music stages. You can have your future predicted by tarot card readers, extend your wardrobe with some typical Ibiza clothing or get yourself a henna tattoo. Most visitors of Zoo Project don’t need more decoration though, as the majority are dressed in animal suits or covered in body paint expressing all kinds of animals. You could just grab a drink and sit down for a while to enjoy the parade.

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