As said, there are three stages. The Treehouse is at the main square of the park, the Living Room is a smaller, more intimate stage, but our favourite definitely is the Seal Pit. The DJ booth is behind the pool of water where the seals used to swim and the crowd is in the stands where once were parents with their children enjoying the show. Absolutely one of the most bizarre and coolest ‘stages’ we have ever seen. When we arrived, Milou was playing. And although she delivered a very fine tech house set it wasn’t until Federico Grazzini & Lee Pennington started that the crowd really got dancing. As the evening slowly passed everyone got more enthusiastic, especially when the street artists appeared on stage for one of their shows. Break-dancers, jugglers, actors, exotic dancers, men in gorilla and dog suits, they were all there. It seems to never get boring in the Zoo.

The Zoo Project was on our list since we’d heard about it from friends about two years ago and it absolutely met all of our expectations. On an island with such an incredible amount of events every week, this one manages to really stand out in originality and its creative approach.

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The Zoo Project