Obviously your name and presence is synonymous with your night, but how would you define your role at “Music is Revolution”? Do you see yourself as solely the resident? Do you see yourself as a marketer or promoter…?
I think now, more than anything else, I have become a bit of an ambassador for the club. Every time I play outside of Space Ibiza I am always thinking about Space. I am always thinking about what its like when people from all over the world experience the sound from Space on a dancefloor regardless of where they are, and then back again.

If you walk around with a microphone and ask anyone where they came from, you would have answers from every corner of the world. It is an international dancefloor. You can imagine, everywhere I play I am thinking about how the music I am playing is for the Space dancefloor and eventually people say “I want a piece of that,” and will come to see me at my church. The sound I play gets heard where they are, then they come to Space and actually understand where my sound comes from because its so prominent at my church for so many years. There is a beauty to it because every year the crowds are different so everytime I play it feels like I am playing for the first time. I get challenged every single week. I have basically been playing Space for 25 years, 14 as a resident, and building this night has been one of the most amazing things I have achieved in my life.

Finally, with a name like “Music is Revolution,” how do you define the word revolution? Also, how do you relate the power of music with this concept?
It got to a point around about 5 or 6 years ago where I really wanted people to understand where the music I wanted in the club was coming from. No one man is an island so I needed people to believe that what we were doing was right for the island and the clubbers that were coming here. My revolution was all about staying true to myself, the club, and the island. We needed to create a stand in for what we believe in. You can’t promote something you don’t believe in, so the revolution for me was all about standing up for what we believe in. Once we started our revolution campaign people felt the same.

At the moment, as you know, you have the power of EDM and the way it has changed the aspects of entertainment especially from a festival point of view. People think that is the only thing that’s happening in this music movement, but it is not. On the outside of things, yeah, you have DJs playing for 1 or 2 hours on a big stage with fireworks, confetti and big tunes, and then the next DJ does exactly the same thing. Our revolution is about, yes that is going on but, at the end of the day, the club is still the thing people enjoy. It is where they want to go and where they want to hear the best music based on what they feel comfortable with. If they feel comfortable by what we are doing, that is where the revolution begins. There is no fight, just standing up for what we believe in!

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