With a handful of stellar achievements already in the bag, Denmark’s Denis Horvat, and his complex approach to deep and melodic Techno has seen support from the likes of Innervisions, AEON Audio & Exit Strategy.

In 2018, Denis also debuted on Tale of Us Afterlife Records with his “Modelo” EP, quickly becoming a staple of the international imprint, even joining their opening festivities for the 2018 Hï Ibiza Thursday event series.

With a bright future, heavyweight support, and a steady stream of releases, Denis’ detailed, weaving sounds can be felt in virtually every destination of significance around the world. Here, we talk with Denis around his Afterlife experience, from “Modelo” to Hï, some favorite Ibiza destinations outside the club, an impending Australia tour, and more.

“I’m always looking forward to the next destination”

Hi Denis, I wanted to start off by asking how your year has been going so far? About 8 months into 2018 what have been some of your personal and career highlights?
Its been an amazing year so far. I started the year with my debut EP on Afterlife, which really gave my career a great push. I’ve been touring a lot, seen a lot of new places and faces. I couldn’t have wished for more!

What about looking forward through the end of the year, are there any places you are particularly looking forward to visiting and/or playing? Anywhere you have not been before?
I’m always looking forward to the next destination, but I’m really excited to visit Australia – although that’s going to be early 2019.

Now that we are also full steam into summer, and the rigors of summer travel (Northern Hemisphere, of course), what are some techniques you use to maintain your mindfulness through it all?
I don’t have a special technique, to be honest, I just keep myself in balance with my friends, family, and studio. It’s really hard to be on the road 3-4 days in a row. I think it’s important to stimulate yourself – not to become a depressed, weird, lonesome DJ.

This month, you will be joining the line-up at Afterlife event at Hi Ibiza, whom you do have a history with. In your opinion, what would you say makes Afterlife distinct?
The whole Afterlife production is quite amazing – from the line-ups to the incredible decorations. And of course the diversity in the Afterlife releases. I’m super happy to be a part of the experience.

At the peak of summer, Ibiza is obviously the hotspot for DJ’s all over the world, which means work but also fun. What are some non-nightlife spots on the island you like to visit? Any favorite restaurants?
This year I went on a boat trip with some friends. And of course, we went to Formentera, and had an amazing lunch at ‘Es Moli Del Sal´. And then enjoyed the sunset near Es Vedra. It’s something special! But I guess there are loads of places on and near the island.

How does the vibe of an Ibiza club night distinguish towards, say, a crowd in your native Denmark?
Ibiza has its own special hippie vibe. It’s something different than club night in Copenhagen, or any other club. I think its hard to describe. There is a certain warmness on the Island, which you don’t get in a typical underground club.

So far, what is your ultimate summer track for 2018? What is your top track of the year?
Claptone Eagles & Butterflies remix is the hit of the summer for me

Finally, on a more personal note, I once stumbled across a quote about Djing saying, “DJing is about making it, losing it, loving it, and hating it. It’s about finding your people, your place, thinking you have lost them both, and then, somehow, when you think it is over, from a place of well-earned despair, creating a masterpiece.” Can you find yourself in it?
It sounds about right. I think every DJ will experience all the upsides and downsides, all the emotional levels. It takes time to find yourself with the right people and the right sound. And I guess we all need to go through some kind of process in this industry.

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