D’Julz is an old hand from Paris who injects dub, groove and effortless class into his DJ sets and his productions.

As the main man behind Bass Culture Records he has helped to drive new talent into the public eye, while also cultivating a strong sound ethic and identity on the label. This season, D’Julz will not only be continuing his tours around Europe and keeping the releases rolling on Bass Culture, but he will also be hosting a regular radio show on Ibiza Global, so we spoke to him all about the White Isle and more…

“I always try to go for a swim before going to the club. It clears my mind and takes away the stress.”

So, firstly, how was DC10 opening this year? We saw you in action last year and you were definitely one of the highlights!
Wow, thanks for the kind words. This year was even better for me because I had the chance to play at a really good time on the terrace, which has always been my favourite room – I really felt the crowd was with me throughout my whole set. Basicaly I couldn’t have hoped for a better way to start the season.

What do you think it is that makes DC10 such a special place?
The history of the club, the way it started as a very underground after party and somehow managed to keep that original spirit even though it became a huge brand. The family vibe surrounding the promoters and the diversity of the music make it also one of those truly unique spots, worldwide.

What else did you get up to in Ibiza around the DC10 opening? Any beach time/nice restaurants/after-parties?
I always try to go for a swim before going to the club. It clears my mind and takes away the stress. Also a nice meal at the Fish Shack, for instance can also be part of the ritual.

Tell us what you love about Ibiza the most?
The beauty of the island itself and the contrast between its party side and the chilled side. You can really spend a week there and not even get close to a club if you don’t want to. People who don’t know Ibiza can’t even imagine this.

Can you recall your first visit to the island?
It was to play an after party at Space circa 1996.  I loved it all, right away!

We spoke to Shonky recently and he told us about working for David Guetta in Ibiza. Being from the Paris old school, did you ever hang out with him? What was he like?
Actually the second time I went to the island was to play at the first ever party the Guettas were throwing at Pacha. They invited a bunch of French DJs to play including Bob Sinclar, Martin Solveig, myself and Dan Ghenacia, if I remember correctly. This was a big success because it was the only ‘French house ‘party on the island and they put a lot of work into the promotion, bringing a bunch of really motivated club kids from Paris (including Dyed and Shonky) to distribute flyers on the island’s beaches. I played there three years in row. Then David restarted his own DJ career and it later became his ‘Fuck Me I’m Famous’ night, which was a totally different story…

I knew David for a quite some time because I was resident for a party in Paris called Scream that he was co-organising. He is a nice guy and I’m happy for his huge success, even if we don’t share the same taste in music at all.

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