When it comes to residencies, there’s no arguing that Federico Grazzini is doing pretty well for himself.

The Italian native – who divides his year between Ibiza and Italy – has high-profile residencies in both the Zoo Project and Tenax in Florence: proof indeed that his is a much-respected global talent. As well as being a great DJ, Grazzini is also a multi-talented producer, just as his latest EP for Monza would have you believe.

We checked in with the main man just as his latest release was about to drop…

“I’m always looking for something fresh, without forgetting my origins.”

How are things in life for you right now?
I’m really great! I’ve been working a lot, enjoying some lovely summer gigs and have a lot of nice people around me. So I definitely can’t complain!

Where are you based these days? Are you still dividing your time between Ibiza and Italy? How does that work?
Yeah, I’m in Ibiza at the moment, like every summer. Until now it’s been Ibiza during the summer and Italy the rest of the time, but to be honest I’m thinking about trying something different for next winter. Maybe something dope for a few months, a new and inspiring place to produce music. We’ll see!

Aside from your residencies, where would you say has been your favourite place to play so far, and what makes it stand out from the others?
I gotta say…Womb in Tokyo is absolutely amazing. Facing a completely different culture is always exciting, but meeting a point of connection on the other side of the planet is an amazing feeling for a DJ.

How have you residencies impacted you as a DJ?
Well…playing often in the same club pushes you to find different way to approach your set. So for sure it makes you grow a lot as a DJ.

How would you say your music has changed with the years?
I’m always looking for something fresh, without forgetting my origins of course. I wouldn’t call it a specific “change”, but maybe “evolution” is better. Anyway… my sound is a little bit harder at the moment, but it’s nothing shocking change-wise really…