What influenced this change more than anything else?
The experience in the DJ booth…100%

So tell us a bit about the Monza release – what’s the vibe with it and how did it come about?
It’s all started from a funky riff I played in the studio with a synthesizer but with the vibe of an electric guitar. I produced the rest of the track around it. And then… in the final mix that riff is not the main part at all! It’s strange, I know, but most of the time the creative process is like that actually.

How would you describe the music you make to someone who’s yet to hear it?
Something to listen to on huge speakers!

How long have you been producing? Who influenced you to start?
I was 17, trying to produce live music with some friends and electronic music with my first Mac. After a while I decided to mix the two different projects into one. I wanted to play original music and I figured making my own was the only way.

How do you stay motivated musically? What’s influencing you a lot these days?
I’m curious, very curious. So I’m always listening to everything I can. I keep looking for old videos of live performances from the past, funk and stuff like that too.

How happy were you with the end product and can you describe your thinking behind the tracks? Was the finished product just like you imagined it’d be?
I think it’s like a paint for a painter: it’s never completely ended in a way. You could add or change something till the end of the day but there is a moment… a spark… where you recognize yourself in the track. It happens when the product is like you imagined it’d be.

What do you think the best thing is about the modern day house music scene? And the worst?
House music is not a new scene anymore, we have lots of material to work on, to sample, to edit, to take inspiration from, and there are many interesting tunes to listen to at the moment, that’s a good thing. The worst thing is that sometimes you Hear bad copies, cheap interpretations of tunes with no soul, made just because it can be easy to do it with modern softwares. Obviously the rating of a track is personal, but life is too short to listen to things that don’t give you any emotion.

What are your hopes and dreams for the rest of the summer?
To keep doing as I’m doing, keep loving my job as much as I’m loving it, and find some time to dive on the beautiful sea I have around me.

Federico Grazzini’s I Like That is out now on Monza Records

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