Born in Italy but made in Ibiza, Frank Storm is one of the residents at the leading underground night Unusual Suspects.

Having formerly played clubs like Amnesia in Milan, he now plays each week at Sankeys next to some of the best names in game, and he never disappoints. His sleek and slick tech house sound often takes him all over the world. Here we speak to him about all this and more.

“playing in Ibiza was the most important step I made in my DJ career.”

How are you, what’s good, what’s bad?
Everything is good here in middle of the summer season just moved here in Ibiza till October.

What part of Ibiza are you living? Why do you like it?
I’m living in Can Mises. Before, I used to live in Marina Botafoch but there is too much madness! I prefer this zone, more chill and residential.

How important was playing at clubs like Bolgia to your apprenticeship as a DJ?
For me, was important because it enabled me to grow as a DJ.

How did it help you grow? Was it particular people you played with / worked with? Did someone give you a chance in the early days?
It helped me a lot because it gave me the opportunity to build the relationship with a dancefloor and understand how a DJ has to work like warming up and how to operate different set times. In particular, I have to say thanks to Roberto Amendolara as he pushed me and introduced me to my manager Marco, who has been representing me for 3 years.

Your bio says you were “made in Ibiza.” What does that mean? Can you explain?
Because in fact, playing in Ibiza was the most important step I made in my DJ career.

Why was it the most important step?
Because from 2014 when I moved to Spain, in particular in Ibiza I started to change my career and it happened here on the island.

What makes the island so special do you think? Why do people love it so much?
The energy that you feel when you are here; the color and the vibes I think make it so special. There is no other place like it in the world.

Have you got any tips for people on where they can go for the best eats, beaches, sights to see?
If you want to eat meat, Can Caus or Carnicero. If you want eat fish there is a magical place called ‘Fish Shack’ or Sa Caleta. For beaches, Cala Gracioleta or Aigues Blanca are the best. I would also suggest seeing Atlatins and it is better to arrive there by boat.

You have been active now for more than ten years. How have your tastes and styles changed and matured in that time?
This is the tenth year of my career. I have always been centered around tech house, except a period that I decided to move a bit more towards techno.

What tracks do you love right now?
To be honest at the moment I prefer tracks that have been released between 2007 and 2010, but Sakro – No Time To Explain is great.

There has been some recent controversy about men’s views on women in dance music. What are your thoughts?
People have always been sexiest but I prefer to let the music speak and that’s it.

You are resident for Unusual Suspects. Can you tell us about the party?
This party gives me the opportunity to show off my music around the world; they go to Bali, UK, Miami and other fantastic countries. The guys try to create something different in each place where you can be yourself and where the music speaks… that’s it!

Tell us about your new EP on Get Physical – did you make it with that label in mind specifically?
No I just sent few tracks to them and they selected these ones. I don’t like to make music for a label specifically, I prefer to do music for myself – and when I finish I decide where to send it.

How different is it to other EPs you have had out – do you try and change your sound with each release?
I’d like to have an imprint with my own sound, so when people heard a track in a club can recognize that it is me.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?
There is an EP coming out on Serialism and other few good things in the box.

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