Born in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1974, Gu Boratto began working as a producer, audio engineer and multi-instrumentalist in the early ’90s.

Gui’s first full-length album, the much-acclaimed “”Chromophobia””, was released in 2007 through Kompakt and became an instant success, thanks to its lush melodies and enthralling beats. After 3 full-length albums under his belt – and with remixes and additional productions for Massive Attack, Bomb The Bass, Pet Shop Boys, Goldfrapp and Moby amongst others -, Gui unveiled his 4th album “Abaporu” in 2014.

His very own imprint D.O.C. launched in 2013 – distributed by Gui’s mother label Kompakt, it quite simply advocates timeless music. Directly mentoring and producing new Brazilian artists like the massively talented duo Elekfantz, Gui emerges in yet another role that finds him at the top of his game.

Gui Boratto will be a part of Kompakt’s TOTAL series of events at Space Ibiza on Saturday, 18 July alongside Blondi:sh and Dauwd. Anticipating the very special event, we spoke with Gui on the state of Brazilian underground dance music, Kompakt, production protocols, and much more.

“We choose Space for many reasons. We never wanted to do this in a bottle service club.”

Describe your relationship with Kompakt? How do you find the label to coincide with your own creative aspirations? What would you say separates Kompakt from other labels in regard to quality, consistency, and originality?
After 10 years releasing on Kompakt and being part of the roster, I feel totally part of the family. The label has a very specific identity and they are for more then 22 years in this market. It’s of course because its consistency and originality.

As Ibiza (and summer) season is in full swing, how do you prepare yourself mentally and physically for the rigours of the summer?
Every year I play in Ibiza. The environment is incredible (not the night scene Im talking) but the nature scene. The other islands, the small villages. I’m very excited to play there on our Kompakt’s TOTAL residency at Space.

Can you walk us through a typical day when gigging on Ibiza? Do you have a certain protocol you follow on gig days, especially on the island?
Everytime I get a little boat to spend some hours around the big Island. Normally Formentera is the chosen one for the pit stop and then we get back to the hotel for a nice little nap. Then a light dinner, normally fish and then we meet some of my friends to go to the club. It’s a nice routine that happens every year. But I just spend a few days as I’m playing in other cities in Europe.

What is your first memory of Ibiza?
It was back in 2006 when I played at DC-10. I remember Andrea (from DC-10’s crew) with Troy Pierce picking me up at the hotel. Troy was saying that I woud love to play there. Actually Troy, Tania, Guido Schneider and Ciryllo was playing at the terrace and me and Luciano played in the main room downstairs. I really loved the audience. Everyone was focus on music. That’s all. Was amazing.

Explain, as far as you know, the idea behind Kompakt’s Ibiza dates ‘TOTAL’? Why is Space Ibiza the right venue for this event, given its history in Cologne? Can you explain a bit about your experiences playing TOTAL Cologne? How would that translate over to Ibiza?
First of all, this is not exactly a residency translating the TOTAL party we used to have in Cologne, but TOTAL is a name that translates the spirit of the label in the most general way. Everyone knows the TOTAL compilations, first of all. Also, as it’s a “reunion” of the most popular Kompakt artists, makes sense to baptize the party as TOTAL. We choose Space for many reasons. We never wanted to do this in a bottle service club. The soundsystem and the crew also made the difference.

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