Guy Gerber thrives on confounding expectations. What other underground DJ could collaborate with one of hip-hops biggest moguls, Puff Daddy, or start a left-field night at one of Ibiza’s most commercial clubs, Pacha?

Ever the consummate dance music professional, Guy’s label Supplement Facts has hosted everyone from Chaim, to dOP, Guti and Kate Simko. In typical Gerber fashion, just as it was reaching its apex he put it on hold to launch a new imprint RUMORS. The new project is off to a promising start, serving as home to Guy’s colossal collaboration with Dixon, “No Distance”. As with Supplement Facts, RUMORS reiterates Gerber’s attention to the visual aesthetic.

Aside from the label, RUMORS is also an event series have spread worldwide with showcases during
Art Basel Miami, BPM Mexico and events in London, New York, LA, Buenos Aires. But it’s the Ibiza residency that has set partygoers tongues wagging. With the likes of Sasha, Miss Kittin, Kenny Glasgow and Matthew Dear gracing the lineup with Gerber in 2015. Now, already 3 events into 2016, Guy Gerber and RUMORS are set to truly establish themselves as Ibiza stalwarts.

With that, we spoke to Guy on the residency and the demands of a lengthy Ibiza summer…

“The concept…is to offer an civilised alternative to Ibiza.”

So, on a personal level, how do you prepare for the summer? I’m sure it’s a pretty hectic time with the traveling and extra focus on RUMORS. Do you have any rituals you go through to get your mind and body right?
This year, I managed to go to Tel Aviv for two months. Being home definitely helped me to set my mind and clear a lot of things. I don’t really have so many rituals, but I definitely try to live in an isolated place. I live in Talamanca which is kind of isolated, but still walking distance from everywhere, so I really feel like I’m part of the Island, but at the same time I can decompress and not be so close to all the parties.

You are brining back your RUMORS concept to Ibiza, as well as on tour this summer. For those readers who may not know, what is your philosophy behind RUMORS? What is your approach to curating the individual lineups?
The concept behind it is to offer an civilised alternative to Ibiza. I wanted to create something that’s more about the parties rather than the DJ’s and who’s playing. When there’s not so much information or promotion, people were promoting it, telling people where it is, when it is and they became part of the party themselves, that was my original idea. At the same time after 2 years, we got bigger and bigger. I wanted a lot of my friends to play and a lot of my friends have been asking to play, so I needed to do some kind of an announcement, otherwise it’ll be too much based on me, so I decided to publish it in respect to the DJ’s that are playing. We moved the venue, which is very different, but at the same time very important. For me and RUMORS in the past two years, every single party was very special in a different way.

Why is Destino the best venue for RUMORS in Ibiza?
When I came to Destino, it has the most beautiful view here, but how would I make it into a party with people losing their minds? Already after one edition I could tell that it was really, really nice and people were accepting of it and that made be very happy. I feel that in the nature of things if they’re good, is to grow. It was very important for me as an artist to grow without losing the essence. In Destino, I found partners that share the same aspirations as I have, artistically and visually. Almost everything that I want they’re up for doing, so we’re very happy with the change, there’s a way bigger dancefloor and I think that in a way the music gets more focused. Before, it was just me playing for a few hundred people and thousands of people were outside hanging out. So now it’s much more focused, I think there’s more area to hang out, it’s close to the original idea in that it’s comfortable and hectic at the same time.

Last year, there was an incident with RUMORS and the police in Ibiza. Have you addressed those concerns this year?
Well part of the great thing working with the Pacha Group, they have the right license and everything is legal. Last year, it was a little bit more under the radar then it went above the radar and the police noticed it. It’s a shame that they’re trying to stop people from partying here in Ibiza, but I think RUMORS moving into Destino shows that they can. There’s always going to be a solution, keep on doing something that has the spirit of the island.

In general, what are your impressions on the current atmosphere in Ibiza regarding rules, regulations, and increased police presence? Is it something that you have noticed taking a significant effect on the events?
If you look at Ibiza 10 years ago, it’s definitely changed. But I’m thinking compared to how much effort everybody is willing to make, change is minor. I still feel that Ibiza has loads of magic and I still feel appeal, it’s the most special place in the world for people to come and party. It’s a shame because part of it is that partying is one of Ibiza’s main resources, but I believe that the police won’t be able to stop and drastically change anything.

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