Hector Couto is a Spanish producer right at the heart of the tech house scene.

For years he has been turning out his slick and sleek tracks on a wide rang of labels, and they never fail to find their way into the record bags of all the finest DJs. He himself plays all over the world and of course will hit up Ibiza this summer as Amnesia resident for Together. He is also to release a brand new three track EP ‘Groover EP’ on Saved Records, so we catch up with him ahead of the release to find out more.

“Groover is a real party starter”

Tell us about some tunes you think will be big this summer and why?

Hector Couto – Groover – Saved Records
This is my new track released this July on Saved Records owned by Nic Fanciulli. Groover is a real party starter

DJ W!LD “Gangster Paradise” – Roush Label
Released on my label Roush, this track combines punchy kicks with infectious vocals into a massive nightclub track.

Daniel Stefanik – Deep Inside – Moon Harbour
This version of Hardrive’s classic “Deep Inside” could be the track of the summer.

Does sun make you play differently? Does it bring out a more playful side of you?
Of course I get more playful while I’m playing, Loving the sunny days on the white island !!

You have a new EP groover out now – where and when did you write it and what inspired it?
I wrote Groover in my studio in Tenerife around four months ago, this EP represents my early days in the island growing up listening to acid house and breakbeat.

You have worked with Saved before now – what makes you want to work with the label? What’s your relationship with them like?
For me Saved always been one of the most well respected labels in the scene over the years, so for me releasing “ Groover “ with Saved is such an honour, my relationship with them is pretty smooth so everything came easy.

Where do you start on a tune? Is it trial and error or can you hear tunes in your head before you write them?
Most of my tunes comes from ideas that I have while im touring then I develop in my studio, I always start my tunes developing the beat then I add the rest of elements.

Any bits of gear or software that really define your sound? Anything you always go to when you start writing?
I’m in love with my Midas Venice F24, I like the warm sound that brings to my tunes !!

Is it easier or harder to write music as you get older? Do you have more skills but fewer ideas as you have already made so many tunes?
Over the years I gain experience and technical ability, right now for me writing music is way different compared to when I started.

What else have you got coming up?
I got a new release on my label Roush delivering four sizzling house cuts in the form of ‘Mr Magic’ EP the 7th of August !!

Can you give us some tips for Ibiza – where to eat or a beach to head to that people might not know about?
I love to visit Cala Saladeta and spend the day relaxing there, another place that I like to visit is Yemanja in Cala Jondal !!

‘Groover EP’ will be released July 7th on Saved Records, catch him play at Amnesia this summer in Ibiza

hector couto-groover-saved

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