Spaniard Hector Couto has long been making a big mark on the global tech house scene. This summer he will do so again, particularly in Ibiza, where he plays with the likes of Marco Carola at Music: On three times this summer across June and July.

As well as that he has recently played live at the Mixmag LAB, has just put together the official mix compilation for Amnesia Ibiza 2016 and is riding high in the charts once more with his latest studio missive. His Black Noise EP on Wow! is another definitive outing that marries fresh tech beats with infectious groove and manages to sound new yet vintage. You can also catch Hector playing gigs and festivals around Europe and South America this summer, so we caught up with him to talk about his role as a DJ, his tools in the booth and what makes a perfect set.

“If you want to improve you must be critical with yourself”

You have plenty of Ibiza gigs this summer – will you play different for each as some are house, some are techno parties?
Not really, I feel pretty comfortable playing on both, sometimes in some parties I like to play housey or groovy and in others I can go more serious with techno vibes!!

Do you asses your own sets once you are finished? Are you critical of your own performances?
For sure If you want to improve you must be critical with yourself, I always give my best in my sets and I love to see the people dancing and having fun, I never forget that I play for them, so see the crowd enjoying is priceless for me!!

What makes a perfect set for you – what makes you feel you have done a good job in the DJ booth?
When I see the crowd dancing, moving and having fun. I feel that I done a good job.

What is the role of the DJ these days – to entertain or educate or a bit of both?
In my opinion a bit of both, the role of the DJs in these days are pretty important, DJs like Jamie Jones, Marco Carola or Richie Hawtin had strong base of supporters, people who follow and learn from them what is house music or techno, so this is very important for the scene and the future of electronic music!!

You played the Space opening recently – what was that like? Explain how special the place is for people who haven’t been.
Openings are always special, I really enjoyed the Space Opening, amazing venue and crowd, great summer vibes, a must visit for anyone who never been there!!

You regularly do charts – is that important to support the artists do you feel?
Absolutely yes!! I love to find new music and artists to support.

Do you play digital or vinyl? Why do you use the set up you do – for ease of transport or cause you like the effects on CDJs or what?
I can play on both, but for me because I live in Tenerife carrying vinyl’s will be a nightmare, for that reason most of my times I play with CDJs.

How hard is it to have a personal life, family, girlfriend etc. when you are a DJ – is that a sacrifice you have to make?
A lot of people ask me this, and if you love what you do you must sacrifice a bit in some aspects of your life, we spend a lot of days touring, at airports, in different hotels and this can make you feel tired sometimes, for that reason every time I’m back at home I try to find some time to spend with family and friends and do things that I like, like surfing or fishing!!

Where do you hope to be in ten years time – still DJing, or would you like to branch out into other musical areas, like films scores or whatever?
I don’t think too much to the future, now I’m 28 years old and I want to enjoy this time of my live, I’ve worked really hard to get here and this is the place that I wanna be now!! We’ll see what the future holds me 🙂

Hector Couto has mixed the latest Amnesia Compilation, Purchase/ Stream Amnesia Ibiza 2016 Comp HERE

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