Joe Wheeler is a talented DJ on the rise, and fast. He has been a key part of the Abode family.

Abode is a night that has ruled both in London at places like Studio 338 as well as on a weekly basis at Sankeys this summer. His sets are well informed house offerings littered with fresh tech cuts and more besides. He also works behind the scenes at Sankeys as manager of their social media, so here we speak to him about his summer, his backstory and about working with such a legendary club.

“In Ibiza you never know who you might get talking to, it’s network central! “

How are you, how is summer so far, what’s good, what’s bad?
Couldn’t be happier at the moment, Summer so far has been great, working with Sankeys & ABODE has been unforgettable. I don’t think I can complain, life’s good, I’m in ibiza, flying back to the UK regularly playing!

Can you remember the first time you got into house end techno, where and when, and why it appealed?
First time I got into house & techno was of course at basing house in London, RAWWAX Label Showcase, wicked little venue wicked vibe, I remember going in not knowing what to expect, it’s like a converted house, the main room is like a living room so cool, hearing tracks from Head Nodding Society & Genius of Time and thinking wow this is unreal, around about 150 people really intimate vibe, I was hooked from there really

You work for Sankeys right – tell us what your job there is?
So my role at Sankeys is Social Media, I cover a lot in the role, I often get told “all you do is sit on Facebook all day” but there’s a lot more to it than that, contacting artist management for promotional content, advertising & online promoting!

Whats it like working for such a legendary club, what have you learnt so far?
I’ve learnt so much at Sankeys, the nightclub is open 7 nights a week so there’s a lot to take in, having 7 brands with all different ways of promoting their night is alot to take in. Everyday is different which keeps you fresh and on your toes!

And about managing social media – what are the dos and don’t to being strong online?
People often go along the lines of “put money behind Facebook posts” & just leave it & let the number stack up, I think it’s important to get the right balance between organic & payed, too many people buzz off paying for a post to get numbers when really you don’t know if these people will even like share or more importantly come to the club! it’s important to get the right balance between organic & payed!

Why does it matter? Is it essential to have a presence these days?
Social media after the past 3-4 years have developed massively in my eyes, very little promoters go out handing flyers now, online is the easiest & quickest way to reach your fans so naturally promoters are going to use it to get people in the club…

Any examples of brands, labels, companies, DJs that do it really well in your view?
In terms of events of course I’m going to be a little bias & Say ABODE, Kai & the team are so conscious of online presence it’s insane, with 100+ online promo team our posts organically reach so many people it really is takeover & of course Elrow just because the video footage is next level craziness!

I think Ibiza Club News & Wunderground take it to another level with their pages so current as well as very good at taking the piss!

How did you get into that job, and is it something you will make a career of?
I got into social media through a friend of mine, Kai at ABODE. We would helps brands grow their accounts, it was just something I took to I guess, was a buzz to be able to help people reach new customers and provide a service they need!

Yeah I think it is, as I said before in the music industry social media is essential, I think most of the big clubs on the island have realised this now, teams are being put in place to really make sure their getting the right message across! plenty of opportunities

What else have you got coming up/are you excited about?
So I’m at Sankeys for the Summer, I’ve had a fair bit of interest form companies regarding social media but I want to keep my options open, in Ibiza you never know who you might get talking to, it’s network central!

What is your ideal Sunday – day with friends and family or a big after party, and why?
Depends if I’ve been on a bit of a session, a few Sundays back I went down to Clockwork Orange for a day party, I like to switch it up, everyday is different in ibiza! Khumaras is my chill spot though!

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