Mambo Brothers, aka Christian and Alan Anadon, have been born and raised in Ibiza whilst listening to the best DJs at the Café Mambo DJ booth since an early age.

Heavily influenced by DJs such as Roger Sanchez, Pete Tong, Masters at Work, Jason Bye and more recently Jamie Jones, Kölsch, Luciano and MK, brings out a broad mixture of vocally tech house with a touch of trendy house tracks from Ibiza throughout the times.

Still, it was not until 2014 when Mambo Brothers decided to step outside Ibiza and start DJing internationally for “Mambo On Tour” events in cities like London, Miami, Copenhagen, Lugano and Barcelona to name a few, playing alongside names such as Groove Armada and 2ManyDJs, to name a few.

Now, Mambo Brothers are set to release their debut EP “Momento” on Mark Knight’s famed Toolroom Recordings imprint. Ahead of the fiercely percussive release, we spoke with brothers Christian and Alan on all things Ibiza, and more.

“We also take it in turns when it comes to who drinks the tequila and who drinks the vodka!! “

I guess the natural first question is, why did you decide it was time to venture out as DJs beyond Ibiza? Was there any particular moment where you said, “the time is now”?
It was after getting Mambo Tours on the go. Some of the promoters and club owners would ask us to come and DJ. At the beginning it was like “Us DJ?” – but we used to DJ and throw parties in uni and I used to be a resident in Ibiza 10 years ago, so after a few times of getting asked we thought we should give it a go. And here we are, a few years later, travelling around the world!

In Ibiza, who were some of the best DJs you experienced? Are there any particular moments or sets that will always stand out to you?
We have seen many DJs play great sets in Ibiza. Some of them have changed our lives, and still bring back great memories: back in the day, Roger Sanchez playing during sunrise at El Divino, Laurent Garnier playing a sunset at Café Mambo… Recently, Guy Gerber playing at a villa party – that was magical… We could go on forever. During summer we party 7 days a week!

How would you describe a childhood being raised on Ibiza?
Very lucky! Ibiza is a great place for kids to grow up. It’s amazing to hang out on the beach all day making sandcastles… what can we say!

When did you first start getting involved actually working (or helping out) at Café Mambo? What have been some of your responsibilities there, beside DJing?
Christian: I was a dishwasher at Mambo when I was 13. I would get there after school, get all the morning pots, pans and dishes cleaned up. When I would finish, I would go to the beach in front of Mambo (back then Mambo had sand) and I would hang out with people on the sunbeds. People like Faithless, Jeremy Healy, John Galliano…

Alan: I used to charge for the sunbeds after school at the beach in Mambo. Back then I was really young, and people would buy me ice creams that would melt!!
After that, our parents made us work in all the different areas, bartending, in the kitchen, as waiters – so we have definitely done our hours in the place!

In your opinion, what is the best thing about Café Mambo? What is the best thing about Ibiza?
For us, the best thing about Mambo is the vibe, especially when the sun is setting and everyone connects and start clapping. It still gives us goosebumps after 21 years. At that time, there’s up to 25,000 people in the area and you can feel the energy. Sunset at Mambo is magic!

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