With its focus on raw, underground techno, Marco Bailey and his MATERIA concept introudced a new generation of Ibiza ravers to the white island.

With over 25 years in the scene, Marco Bailey is somewhat of an icon in the world of dance music, as much an an ambassador for the scene as an amazing DJ and producer. Since 2000, he has has several releases on the likes of Intec, Drumcode, Bedrock, Sleaze, and his own MB Elektronics, all while touring relentlessly throughout his career.

In 2016, MATERIA offered artists including Sam Paganini, Carlo Lio, Julian Jewell, and Paul Ritch at Privelege’s Vista Club, culminating with an epic late August bash. Now, Marco is set to release a powerful 21 track compilation representing the MATERIA ethos in the form of MATERIA XL2. Anticipating this mix, and the expansion plans of MATERIA in 2017, we managed to catch up with the industry veteran to discuss the Ibiza season that was, the compilation, and much more.

“Energetic, pure techno with a hint of melody!”

Your Ibiza event, MATERIA, is described as “raw underground techno”. I’m wondering if you can define that sound for us? What exactly makes techno “raw”? Also, in as many words as you’d like, how do you define “underground”?
Well I guess everyone calls the events what they want, but really for me this means that its just high quality techno, not always like the friendly loop tech house you may hear elsewhere on the island. We aim to bring many underground artists, some of which you may have heard of, and other maybe not, some haven’t ever been to Ibiza – so that’s also something special for fans, as its their one chance to get to see that artist and they’re only at MATERIA!

With your first season of MATERIA wrapping up, how did you find the experience? How did the experience of having your own concept night differ from a regular season on the island?
I loved having my own residency this summer, it was a first for me and although its not the easiest to start your own branded party we think the summer went really well and we have been so happy with the feedback from media, fans and artists who played with us. I think Ibiza has become a little diluted with artists who pop up out of nowhere it seems over night with their own nights at the biggest clubs, sometimes they do not really have a lengthy background within the scene or even releases. Many people can play a season at another club with other artists year after year, but to have your own night is a completely different experience. I have been doing this for 26 years now and whilst MATERIA might be still far away from the top, I can look at everyone be happy knowing that having my own night is more important to me than playing another party or brand at this point of my career.

Why was Vista Club the right venue for MATERIA’s debut season?
Vista is a small venue, but it has great sound, the best view of the island when the sun rise comes and also I think it was just the right size for the first season for MATERIA, as we never know how tickets will sell for an event which has a heavy focus on music that not everyone is always into, as mentioned before, it is heavier, underground and special in its own way.

Looking back, would you have gone through anything differently for next year? On the other side of the coin, what were some of your favorite experiences from this year?
Well of course I would like to do another season and this is also what everyone will be expecting from me of course after this summer. If you don’t then people start talking about how it didn’t work out! However, for me, this party has always been about having my own selection of artists play, for fans who are passionate about the music I and my labels produce. I don’t think it has anything to do with whether we fail or not, that’s all personal opinion. It’s not about how much money we have made or want to make, but that we are a new party to be enjoyed and respected on the island. Ibiza needs new parties, and the scene is going to be very different next year with the closure of Space, so let see what happens – as I am not going to reveal anything just yet!

Have you already started planning for next year?
Yes, my team and I have just finished planning for next year, with regards to my labels and MATERIA projects and parties. But that’s all under wraps at the moment, and I’ll be filling you all in via social media over the next few months. But for now, I am going to rest a while!