Throughout the summer, we’ve been highlighting many of the acts behind Marco Carola’s seminal Friday night Ibiza event, Music On.

Now, with precious few events left in this their fifth successful season on the island, thought it would be good to get all the residents together to describe some of their experiences this year. Paco Osuna, Leon, Joey Daniel, Neverdogs, and Stacey Pullen have all handled mixing duties at several dates across the summer, and here they dish out the details on the tracks that worked, what makes Music On unique, Amnesia, and much more.

This all leads up to the event’s closing party, which goes down on 30 September featuring Stacey Pullen, Miss Kitten, Oxia, Neverdogs, Joey Daniel and, of course, Marco Carola. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves as their are a handful of fine events still to come before we have to say goodbye (for now). On 16 & 23 September, Marco will invite the likes of Marco Faraone, Sam Paganini, Apollonia, Carlo Lio, and Nathan Barato.

“It’s more than a party, it’s an experience. – Neverdogs”

Ibiza is a special destination for DJs. Do you remember the first time you played on the island? Do you think Ibiza clubbers are much different to other clubbers?
Paco Osuna (PO): The first time I played in Ibiza was in June ’99, at the opening, when I became a resident at Amnesia. I do not think the public in Ibiza is different, since the island is the meeting point for people from many countries and cultures to enjoy the holidays and celebration.

Joey Daniel (JD): I played for the very first time on the Island two years ago, when I got the chance to play at the Music On after party, that was when it all stared for me. I played an 11-hour set. Since then I have noticed the strong appreciation from the crowd and their amazing feedback, even when the people didn’t really know me and I wasn’t “a name”. People come to Ibiza to listen to great music and to be surprised by the sets DJs play, they come here to party and have a good time, to live an experience they can have only once a year. That’s what you feel on the dance floor in Ibiza, especially with Music On at Amnesia.

My very first Ibiza club gig was last year with Music On at Amnesia and I opened the Club Room but after half an hour it was getting crowded already and before I knew it the room was packed; there was this magical vibe and amazing energy that you only have here in Ibiza, it’s hard to explain in words.

Leon (L): I think Ibiza is the best place to play. I don’t remember the first time I played in Ibiza, but I think it was at least six or seven years ago…I’ve been going to the island for more than 10 years now. I love it.

Stacey Pullen (SP): Yes I remember it quite well. It was around 1996-1997 and I played at Privilege in the small second room which held around 400 people and I played with Kevin Saunderson and LTJ Bukem.

What’s it like playing at Amnesia, such a famous clubbing destination? Do you get nervous? Do you have a pre-show ritual?
PO: Not nervous. Perhaps last year, the first time I came back after a four-year break of playing at Amnesia and the first time I played with Music On, I was a little anxious, expectant of what was going to happen and how the night, the atmosphere would flow. In terms of a ritual, I do not have any kind of ritual before I play, but I do have one while I’m playing: I always have a lollipop.

L: Playing at Amnesia is special. I’m in my fifth year as a resident with MUSIC ON, so I am not as nervous as the first times. I feel at home and I know all the secrets of the club. I have no pre-show ritual, only the desire to have fun and play well.

SP: I wouldn’t say I get nervous.

Which new track has been having the biggest impact on the dancefloor this summer?
PO: I could mention many, but I believe that the most important thing in any track is the way it is played, knowing the right time to use it and to know how to read the dance floor.

JD: That’s a hard one to say, there are so many good dance-floor tracks, but if I had to pick one that recently has worked for me the best would be: Spencer_K_Dennis_Cruz-Impacto (Original_Mix). I played this track at the Sunwaves Festival and it had such an amazing impact on the dance floor, as it did during my last Music On gig at Amnesia when I played the b2b with Neverdogs. It’s a killer dance-floor track that surprises every time with an energy boost to the crowd.

L: This year I have a lot of great music in my bag, but Detlef’s “Pump It” is for sure in my top three this summer.

SP: My new track “The Hunt For Din Dah” taken from my ROK EP on my label Blackflag.


In your opinion, what’s the secret of Music On? What makes it different from other parties in Ibiza?
JD: The Music On crowd really comes for Music On and they have a high expectation as it’s always on fire. You can see and feel that when people come in… there is this crazy positive vibe on the dance floor that gives you the feeling that it can explode at any time. People are very excited and very open to let you do what you’re good at, and they stay until your very last track. Loose from that all djs have a minimum set time of 2 hours and more , it’s easy to say but it’s true it’s all about the music.

L: I think that the MUSIC ON secret is the power of music, on the terrace there is an incredible magic, especially in the morning, more house, underground, very sexy, full of beautiful women in particular, in the main room the artists approach to something darker therefore more techno! people feel at home, it’s like a huge private club, it seems that everyone knows each other and they are all friends, this is the secret of MUSIC ON, a big party a big family.

SP: If I told you the secret it wouldn’t be a secret anymore? But really I think the secret is the crowd because in no other place where you can feel the energy like music on and they expect nothing less than quality Music.

Neverdogs: Music On, its all about the music! We think that this is the secret of Music On. It’s a unique Techno show, a unique concept and definitely a lifestyle. It’s more than a party, it’s an experience.

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