Speaking of being on the road, you guys are considered to have one of the most demanding tour schedules in all of dance music. How do you keep yourselves rested on the road, especially during the summer?
TI: We were just talking about this a few days ago while making a promotional video for HYTE. Both of us are really interested in sports. This is our balance. We go running or to the gym, or just go outside. Somehow the best way for us to refill and recharge our batteries is exercise.

TH: Also, we like to just hang out with friends. We don’t have to talk about music, but instead cook together, have a nice dinner, talk with each other…

Do you have any insider tips for other artists as to how to keep comfortable traveling so much?
TI: We are both very lucky since we can always sleep anywhere, whether its on the plane or in the car or wherever. Since you don’t get proper sleep during the weekend, especially during the summer, you have to be able to sleep wherever you are. Also, turn down all your levels and just relax. Kind of like meditation.

TH: It’s pretty cool actually. If you can just hit the “off” button, even for 10 minutes, it is very beneficial.

Can you talk a little about the HYTE concept? Why do HYTE and Pan-Pot complement each other so well?
TI: HYTE was founded by one of the owners of the booking & event company we are connected to, so we have been working with them for a long time. When they did the first HYTE party in New York it was a very special vibe. The location was very special, out on Governor’s Island. You had to take the ferry there.

Also, the afterparties were very comfortable. Since then they have established a whole party brand with a HYTE stage at Mysteryland and now the Ibiza season, which is perfect for us. We can really establish ourselves on the island. After last year, when we played for Music On only, it is good to play more often on Ibiza. For us, HYTE was the most understandable and practical step this year.

How does Amnesia suit HYTE?
TI: We have good connections with Amnesia. The first time we ever played a gig on Ibiza was at Amnesia for Cocoon. We immediately loved the club. The club is very accessible since they moved the DJ booth down, so the interaction with the crowd is strong. The terrace, however, is one of the best dancefloors in the world. It has so much energy. It’s the whole combination of the location and the people who work there make the entire atmosphere very comfortable.

Finally, are there any Ibiza events you are looking forward to (despite your own)?
TI: We will also play with Carl Cox in September at Music is Revolution, which we have been doing for 4 years now. It is a tradition that we play once a year for Carl.

So far, I haven’t been able to check out other parties but we will be on the island so much we’ll have time. I want to check out Enter. At Space and Cocoon. Maybe even one of the specials, like when Richie and Sven are playing together, or Carl, or Loco Dice.

Will you guys have any relaxing time in the near future?
TI: January!

TH: Yeah, January will be nice. We will go on vacation and chill out a bit [laughs]

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