The dance music scene in Brazil would look very much if it weren’t for Renato Ratier.

He is a powerhouse with his fingers in many different pies – not only does he own the Warung and D Edge clubs, he is also a DJ known around the world for his slick selections, a producer who has put out an album and many great EPs with some of the best producers from around the world, and a label boss who oversees two different labels from D Edge. He also revealed recently he has a new album on the way, plus we quizzed him about his musical life, what he does to relax away from it all, plus about his new collaboration with Gui Boratto and about some of the gear he uses to make his magical music.

“What I appreciate the most is nature and I recover energy in green surroundings.”

You are on tour of Europe right now – what do you do to help yourself stay fit and healthy on tour, do you have any rules for yourself?
Things are much easier when I am in Brazil since there is Acai, amazonian fruit, very powerful and rich in minerals, iron and vitamins. It instantly helps me out to recharge energy, I usually drink it after shows or in form of juice or shake.

When I am touring in Europe it gets a bit more difficult to recharge energy so rapidly because Acai is not easy to find, therefore I am open to suggestions and also to information on where I could find it.

What do you do on long flights and journeys? Read? Watch TV? Learn a language?
I usually watch films since I have a little more time on my hands or research new music. If I take a read it is usually light read because, luckily I am a person who can fall asleep very easily on flight. I am very thankful for that fact.

How much time do you spend looking for new music, or do you mainly play unreleased promos? Is it hard to find enough stuff given you play so many sets?
I would really like if I had more free time to spend since nowadays business is talking most of my time. I used to research more in the past then nowadays, unfortunately. I rely on my excellent team in order to cover everything, they are really helpfull.

Is it just you who A&Rs for the label or do you have help? Do you spend much time listening to demos?
I listen to it, but also my team helps in picking up and pointing to new interesting demos because the most difficult thing to administrate nowadays is time.I have several businesses which require my full dedication.

Tell us about your recent collab with Gui Boratto – how did it come about, where did you do it?
I know Gui for a long time, and he is one of the artists I truly admire. We met in couple of sessions then I visited him in his home studio-so we ended up collaborating on material. He is excellent artist with great criteria and I am very proud to be part of this collaboration.

How much different is it to collaborate vs work solo on something? Do you end up sounding different?
It is different in sense in which every part brings his own sound, inspiration and creativity. It is creative exchange and ends up sounding differently for this particular reason.

What are your favourite bits of hear in the studio? Are you a hardware or software man?
I am a bit of both but I identify myself more in hardware. In my Bossa studio, I have amazing pieces, for example synthesizers, drum machines Roland 808 e 909 which I adore.

Have you got any other releases you can tell us about, or remixes?
My second album is coming out in next couple of months. It is called Youniverse.

What is next for you, what are you working on next?
Youniverse is in my focus but apart from it I am working on diverse projects. Opening D-Edge in Rio de Janeiro, which is one professional achievement I am very proud of. The opening is scheduled for the month of August.

What do you like to do away from music, how do you relax and recuperate? Do you have time for any other hobbies?
What I appreciate the most is nature and I recover energy in green surroundings. My family has a ranch in nature so I love spending time there, especially with my two sons and close family. In a way it disconnects me from my day to day life and puts me back in connection with my essence and with the nature.

Renato Ratier plays the FACT Pool Parties X Watergate on June 17th in Barcelona

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