Tapesh has a certain feeling in his music and his DJ sets that has seen him rise up through the ranks at a remarkable pace.

The German makes infectious tech house that really makes people dance, and so far it has come on labels like Get Physical and Mobilee as well as many others. This summer he spent time locking down the floor at Ibiza’s Ushuaia club for the ANTS night, and has in fact mixed up a new compilation for the label that is due out soon. He also promises a new debut album is on the way and continues to play around Europe in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

To find out just what informs and inspires that famous Tapesh sound, we sat down and fired the man some questions…

“First, he didn’t want me to perform [at the club] because I was too young to DJ professionally. Later on that changed.”

Tell us what music you were brought up listening to in your dads clubs – is it still an influence now? Did you show you the way or leave you to it?
Back in the days I spent all my money on Vinyls. I basically went to the record store once a week and mainly bought imported vinyls. I still have around 30,000 records, most of them are Hip Hop related. Those are part of my roots and represent my work and production.

I was living upstairs, above the club. And in the afternoon after the club was cleaned everyday, I went downstairs and taught myself to play actually. First he didn’t want me to perform at the club because I was too young to DJ professionally. Later on that changed.

Have you got any formal music training, piano or whatever? Or is your music making more trial and error?
No. I do everything self made. But back in the days as a teenager I played drums.

What do you aim for when writing a new track? Do you start in the same place each time or always have accretion club or moment in mind?
My latest works are always tested on the dance floor in the first place. I’ve got a melody or idea in my head and try my best to realize it in a new track.

It depends on how much time I have. Sometimes im in the studio and I’m in the mood, then I do a track in two days. Sometimes I take my time and I do a track in 3 weeks. Sometimes I have a particular track/bassline in mind and I work from that, but sometimes it’s just free.

How has Ibiza been for you this year? What makes it so special for you?
I fucking love Ibiza! It`s quite unique, crazy and mystical. A lot has changed though, but I’m happy with where I am and play now.

Whats it like being resident at Ushuaia? Do you play different as resident than as a headliner?
I love to play at Ushuaia, it’s like my Spain family now. I’m happy to be a part of it. I play the same as a resident than as a headliner.

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