Spaniard UNER is one of the most prominent house artists in the world right now. He has a busy summer schedule that sees him play at Space, Blue Marlin and Ushuaia in Ibiza, as well as many other places around Europe.

He has his own label, Solar Distance, which is going strong and deals in a delicious brand of deep house. He also keeps on serving up his own hot house and tech hits that define the sound of the dance floor…..

As well as this, he is also an ambassador of Burn Residency, taking the role from legends such as Carl Cox and Pete Tong, has remixes of Monkey Safari, Mathias Kaden and Eli & Fur, plus many new originals on the way, and his fan club—CommUNERty—now has more than 2000 people involved and they all get offered music, tickets, merchandising and more as well a being connected to the artists in close new ways.

To find out about all this and more we sat down with him to catch up.

“I love playing as much at one kind of event as another”

How do you like playing outdoors in the sun vs indoor in the clubs? What affect does it have on your music, do you pack different tunes in summer than winter?
Really I love playing as much at one kind of event as another, but I have to say that when winter is ending, I miss the festivals or outdoor events, but at the end of summer, I miss the more intimate clubs. So it’s okay, because there’s always a balance 😀

Of course, the musical line is different, because the energy is different, the public comes with some different vibe and in the end light is not the same as darkness. So, always keeping my style, of course you are thinking about some different sets, but it’s great because in the end it makes your musical discourse always surprising. Still, it is possible to say that each and every one of the gigs are different within your own style.

You play lots of places in Ibiza – how different is each one? Do you play different styles for the different crowds? What makes each one special?
Really, the events in which I play in Ibiza let me play the most intimately most of the time since most of them aren’t events for 9000 people, but both in ANTS (which although it’s done in Ushuaia, I usually play by day and I have to say I LOVE IT!) and Space (where I’m usually on the terrace) and Blue Marlin (which is one of my favourite, especially for its location facing the sea), are more “intimate” events and even let you even experiment, so in that sense I’m happy because I don’t need to “pull my trousers down”, musically speaking.

What do you make of Space closing after this year – what is your relationship with the club like? How important has it been over the years?
Space was the first club I set foot in in Ibiza, the first club where I played, the club where I started working with Carl Cox 7 years ago… It’s really been an important club to me both personally and professionally and it was just and fair for me to be there somehow this year, so I’m very excited to be there for several Sundays, which is one of the most representative sessions of the club since its inception and of course the date we did again with Carl Cox… It is a major change for the island, it’s going to be missed because it’s an kind of institution, but we must look forward and carry on and enjoy what comes, so I’ll say goodbye to it with a big smile and an enormous “thank you”!

Where is your favourite place to go in Ibiza away from the clubs and why?
There are several places where I like to be, especially where I like to eat 😀 I’m a big fan of cooking and especially of the fish and fruit you can find on the island: it’s magical, like almost everything you find there 🙂

There are 2 places that I love for their location, for the humane treatment and the food, which are Fish Shack and Yemanja … I get excited just thinking how tasty everything is there hahaha
And of course, you can’t miss visiting Es Vendrá and of course our moments in the ice cream shop near my manager’s apartment 🙂

Those are the best moments, the ones shared with friends.

Tell us about the Blue Marlin CD you are mixing – where d you start, what did you aim to do?
It’s always a pleasure working with the team at Blue Marlin. It’s the second time I’ve made the summer compilation and it’s always great, especially since I have no limits when mixing or choosing the track list. Actually, working with this freedom is something I love and what I always value most when accepting a new challenge.

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So the relationship with Blue plus the ease of work makes me feel very comfortable with all of them.
It was a long process regarding the choice of subjects, and it wasn’t easy to get some licenses, but 80% of what was initially requested was achieved, so I’m happy.

The mixing was a couple of days since I did 3 different ones (I like to do it live and really see which mixtures go together best) and chose the one which inspired me most. The result, you can hear it now 🙂

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