There was a time when Solomun playing at Pacha was a brave and bold hook up, one that brought the underground together with one of the more commercial clubs on the White Isle. Now though, a few years after it first started, his +1 night has become very much part of the fabric of the weekly summer offerings in Ibiza. As such, the excitement has been building in the last few days as we lead up to the opening parties, and tonight, finally, we got one.

Playing alongside the Diynamic label boss, big room house hero and Hamburg based Bosnian for his opening shebang was German-Turk hit maker Butch. Known for his wide ranging sets, freaky tech productions and don’t give a fuck attitude, he was  great first partner for the party. When we arrive he is in full flow, dropping a load of heavy hitting joints with rooted bass that are making people sweat.

The production is out in force, with Solomun banners and tons of ticker tape all raining down at various points. The decor is plush and fancy and makes for a nice backdrop that is quite different to many of the more raw and stripped back places Solomun plays the rest of the year. As Butch contuses to lark about in the booth, people from all over the world get down to his sounds – there are girls and boys in equal measure, locals and tourists all dressed up and dressed down.

As he plays out through some freaky melodies and trippy synth sounds, the place gets ever more packed and sweaty. Then up steps the big man himself and it is immediately clear who is playing: he drops his big room blend of spaced out melodies and epic drums as well as tracks including Alex Metric’s ‘Rave Weapon 2’, Pig & Dan’s ‘Growler’ and the Gary Beck remix of Harem’s ‘SLAM’.
It was a pretty full on and energetic set all being told, and one the suggested Solomon has been waiting to get stuck in for a while now. Of course, he also played back to back with his +1 guest Butch, which was as much fun for the pair as it was for us. Lots of playful tunes and off beat sounds ensued and as sun came up the curtain had truly lifted on what is set to be another vital season at Pacha with Solomun +1.

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