Space Ibiza had only been gone a year but already people were sorely missing the world’s most famous club. As such when the news came that it would be back for two very special events, everyone rejoiced. Taking the form of two open air parties up in the rolling hills, scorched earth and pine tree forests at Benimussa Park, they generated lots of excitement before they even kicked off.

When they did at around 5pm on Wednesday August 9th, hundreds of people poured into the former animal zoo ready to rave. Space banners hung down from above and all sorts of inflatables were being passed around the crowd. Camo netting was hung over the dance floor and warm lights added an extra sensory side to the music.

The crowd was a mix of ravers who had probably been to Space every one of its 28 years and those keen to see what all the fuss was about. They were from all over Europe, some dressed up, some dressed down, and one of the DJs’ t-shirts which read Fuck Politics Just Dance just about summed up the friendly feeling on the floor.

Serving up the sounds through the day and night were techno titan Stefano Nofereni, with Andy Baxter, Ken Fan and Rossko all playing their own takes on house, tech and techno until 11pm. There were moments of classic Space tracks that got the crowd looping, as well as lots of contemporary tunes and a few big room curveballs. It was a very different experience from a usual night at the former Space Ibiza club, but one that brought people together and reminded us why the brand will live on forever, not least on the 16th then part two of this birthday bash plays out in the same venue.


16 August | Space in the Park | Tickets | Benimussa Park