ANTS is one of the world’s most recognisable club brands. That’s not bad going given that it only started a couple of years ago.

Helping it become so well known around the world is the fact that it plays out at Ushuaïa, one of the most glamorous and large scale venues in all of Ibiza. They have also used some smart marketing techniques-like hiding big ant models all round the island—to get the word out, but now it is the music, headline DJs and regular crowd that do the talking.

For the first time ever in 2016, the night will be heading on the road and will host its own stage at Extrema Festival, where you will get a taste of the ANTS experience as well as some top DJs supplying the sounds including the likes of Kölsch, Matthias Tanzmann, Tensnake, Route 94 and Uner. To find out more, we tapped up one of the people behind ANTs to ask about the concept, what they will offer at Extrema in Eindhoven, Holland on 9th of July and more.

“Ants are underground, ants are black, soldiers, workers, a real family.”

Who is behind ANTs, how many people are in the team, what’s it like promoting for ANTS?
I started this concept with a few members of my team in my Ibiza office, now, 4 years later, the team has grown and so has the brand, as it is becoming bigger and more international. Ants is like a baby for us and I am proud of working on it in terms of marketing, design & booking, and seeing how everything is developing so fast and, its what makes me really happy to feel that people loves it as much as we do.

What is the concept of ANTS, what was it born out of, what does it aim to offer and achieve? Who is it aimed at?
ANTS is our homemade underground party. The first idea we had, was to create a party and build its concept around the music with the best emerging talents, but also, we wanted a real concept with a brand itself. Our aim was to make people feel the movement of the party as a community linked by the music and also to enjoy a real show at the venue. The contrast of the two different DJ booths at Ushuaïa made it unusual and also brought a really strong energy to the party, as no one has never done something like this.

We worked really hard on the marketing concept, as well as in the production side, it is really spectacular, or at least, that is why people say about ANTS.

There is a real community feeling which makes it unique. We are a colony! Ants are underground, ants are black, soldiers, workers, a real family.

You are still only in your third season – did you know you would be as successful as you have been? Wait the aim to be massive, or just do one season
This would be the 4th season now. We didn’t know ANTS was going to have such un amazing success in the music industry, we hoped and put all our energy into it to making it happen.
We really believed in the concept, but we didn’t know this would grow so big so fast, above all, we need to say thanks to all the ANTS colony supporters, they really made this work.

Tell us about hosting at Extrema – why did you want to do this, what made it the right place to do so?
I had a friend of mine linked to this amazing festival when I had Ushuaïa on the beach before 2012, and when we started with the ANTS tour on 2014, Extrema was one of our goals. It was a reference festival for me in Belgium and Holland, so we finally got the chance to host an stage there. A dream come true!

Will you be able to transfer the full ANTS experience to the festival? Tell us about the production and what your stage will be like.
We’ll do our best! My brother is a genius in production, and I’m sure he will be able to make it spectacular, as usual, with the collaboration of the Extrema team. Let’s keep the stage show & production secret till the day of the festival!

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