‘Ladies and gentlemen, please remain quiet. There are travellers on board with young children. Please do not swear. Thank you.’ That’s what passengers on a Glasgow plane destined for Ibiza were told by a distressed cabin crew after one passenger started playing MK’s classic remix to “Look Right Through” by Storm Queen through his mobile speaker set, causing nearly all other partyseekers to cheer along to the well-known lyrics.

One video released of the in-flight happening is starting to spread through the internet like wildfire, and causing a divide in the comments sections. One side says believes the cabin crew are in their right to try to break down the improper behaviour of the Ibiza-bound youngsters, while others don’t see the problem with having a little laugh. Check out the video below and judge for yourself.

Last week, another airline incident made the news when the Guardia Civil had to escort five British men from a plane after landing in Ibiza, accused of “drunkenly abusing” the cabin crew.

Brits on holiday, you’ve got to love it.

Source: Daily Mail